HOSTAFRICA Brand Guidelines

Empowering Africa's Digital Landscape

Your Partner in Hosting - Bridging Opportunities, Unleashing Potential

At HOSTAFRICA, we're more than a hosting provider; we're a catalyst for businesses and individuals across Africa. From corporates to entrepreneurs, we make the digital world accessible and effortless, ensuring that online ambitions not only survive but thrive. As your trustworthy partner, our unwavering dedication to service excellence is at the core of our mission. Join us as we forge a path to the digital future, making opportunities accessible to all across the continent.

Our Brand Platform

Brand Positioning

To be considered as a preferred hosting provider, our products and services need to perform as well as, or better than everything else out there and meet our clients' needs and expectations. But, it is our purpose - to be a partner to our clients - that truly sets us apart.

Brand Purpose

We help our clients believe that they can trust us to keep their services online, to make it easier for them to get their businesses up and running in the digital world so that they have peace of mind and a sound partnership with us.

Brand Promise

HOSTAFRICA is here for you.

Consumer Takeaway

HOSTAFRICA has your back.

Brand Personality

Our brand personality helps us cultivate a shared vision for our brand, so we can achieve consistency in everything we put into the world. These four words, when taken together, describe how we come across in our tone, design and spirit. You’ll see these words repeated several times throughout the guidelines, as we define them for design, tone of voice, and specific communication channels.


Our products and services demand that we have the requisite expertise in our respective field, and it shows. The HOSTAFRICA website offers clear answers to specific questions, and our support staff does the same. Our goal is to inform and and impart insight at every opportunity.


In a climate where simply “getting it done” is touted as peak performance, a human touch can go a long way. We take the extra steps to ensure that your interaction and relationship with us is tangible and pleasant., like all human interactions should be.


We care about your experience using our products and services so we aim to make it the best possible. We know we’re nailing it because your reviews tell us so. We would not, however, want our reputation to precede us. We’d rather much earn each of our client’s respect by doing what we do best.


While we are all people connecting and relating to others the best we can, we aim first to provide the most professional service possible. We set a standard for ourselves that guide us to excellence, and it is our responsibility to ensure we are perpetually reaching it.

Tone & Voice

As with all aspects of our brand expression, our tone of voice is guided by our brand personality – translating those traits into actionable writing direction.

Logos & Identity

  • The HOSTAFRICA name should always be written in all caps. The only exception to this is when you are referring to the full legal entity. This should be written as Host Africa (Pty) Ltd.
  • Never stretch or deform the logo in any way.
  • There is no vertical version of our logo.
  • Our logomark should be used for profile images. This can be on a transparent, white or blue-black background.
  • Don't use HOSTAFRICA's brand in your business or product names, domain, social media, or other services.

Logo construction

The H in the HOSTAFRICA logo is used for the clear space around the logo.

HOSTAFRICA logo space

Slogan & Country Specific Logos

Our slogan "Your partner in hosting" is written in lowercase (Poppins regular), is right aligned to the A in HOSTAFRICA and sits on the baseline of the logomark.

HOSTAFRICA slogan logo

The country name is written in all caps (Montserrat semi-bold), with a letter spacing of 150 (Adobe Illustrator). It is right aligned to the A in HOSTAFRICA and sits just above the baseline of the logomark.

HOSTAFRICA country specific logo

Logo use

The logo should only be used on highly contrasting backgrounds where the logo and logomark don't get lost against the background.

HOSTAFRICA light background logo
HOSTAFRICA dark background logo
HOSTAFRICA logo on gradient background
HOSTAFRICA logo contrast incorrect

Logo gets lost in low-contrasting areas

HOSTAFRICA logo contrast correct

Logo in high-contrasting areas is clearly visible

Single-Colour Logo

  • The full-colour logo is our primary logo. In cases where we need a single-colour logo, use only the white or blue-black version of the logo against our brand colours.
  • The single-colour logo varies slightly from the full-colour. It has a gap between the two halves of the logomark. Do not convert the full-colour logo to a single colour.
HOSTAFRICA single colour logo black
HOSTAFRICA single colour logo green dark
HOSTAFRICA single colour logo navy
HOSTAFRICA single colour logo green light
HOSTAFRICA single colour logo blue
HOSTAFRICA single colour logo yellow


Primary Colours

HEX: #09101E
RGB: R:9 G:16 B:30

HEX: #8EBE20
RGB: R:142 G:190 B:32

HEX: #949BA8
RGB: R:148 G:155 B:168

HEX: #E9F0F5
RGB: R:233 G:240 B:245

Secondary & Signal Colours

HEX: #0298DD
RGB: R:2 G:152 B:221

HEX: #109235
RGB: R:16 G:146 B:53

RGB: R:253 G:205 B:7

HEX: #FD9207
RGB: R:253 G:143 B:7

HEX: #D62E40
RGB: R:214 G:46 B:64

Take note of something important! Background is 20% opacity of secondary blue. Text is primary blue.

Warning! Caution before proceeding. Background is 20% opacity of secondary orange. Text is #7A4500.

You've successfully completed something! Background is 20% opacity of primary green. Text is secondary green.

Error! Something went wrong. Background is 20% opacity of secondary red.


HOSTAFRICA gradient combination 1
HOSTAFRICA gradient combination 3
HOSTAFRICA gradient combination 2
HOSTAFRICA gradient combination 4

Never mix two vastly different colours in a gradient.

HOSTAFRICA gradient incorrect combination 1
HOSTAFRICA gradient incorrect combination 2


  • We use a combination of photos, icons and other elements throughout our branding.
  • Photos should be kept clean with no gradient overlays.
  • Icons, dots and 3D shapes can be used with images as accents.
  • Text should not overlap an image, but if unavoidable, a block should be used behind the text to ensure the text remains easy to read.
HOSTAFRICA happy clients
HOSTAFRICA domain registration
HOSTAFRICA affiliate signup bonus



Montserrat is the font used to create our logo, with HOST in a regular font weight and AFRICA in a bold font weight. This is the only time Montserrat is used.


Poppins is the main font family used throughout our website, graphics and other marketing material with a variety of font weights used.

Courier New

Courier New Regular is used for all code snippets, whether inline or pre-formatted.

HOSTAFRICA font Courier New Available on your PC