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How to customize a WordPress theme

How to customize WordPress theme

Customizing your WordPress theme is a great way to personalize the look and feel of your website. From changing colors to deleting unwanted features, you can make your site as unique as you are! In this article, we’ll cover some basics on how to customize WordPress themes.

In addition to modifying the general appearance of the site, customizing a WordPress theme also gives you more control over specific aspects of the site.

How to access your WordPress theme customization page

For you to access the theme customize page, first you will need to login to your WordPress site backend.

Navigate to Appearance from the dashboard as shown above. Click on Themes.

On the next page, find your active theme and click on customize.

A new page will be displayed. This is where you will be able to customize the tagline, color, menu, favicon, and many more.

Site identity

In this section, you can change or remove the logo of your website, you can change the site title, tagline, and favicon.


In this section, you can change the heading color, Text color, hero heading color, hero text color, and link/accent color.


This is where you can change the background color of your entire website and more

In this section, you can add, rearrange your website menu, change menu location and delete the menus you do not need.

There are many customizations you can make according to your preferences. When you are done hit the publish button at the top left to make your changes visible to your visitors

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