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How to access WordPress recovery mode

How to Access WordPress recovery mode

If you’re a regular WordPress user, you’ve probably encountered errors from time to time – like the white screen of death or backend inaccessibility – which can affect your business. And when you do, you’re probably left wondering where to start.

Fortunately, WordPress 5.2 introduced the recovery mode, which sends a code to your administrator email address once it detects any error on your website. This code gives you access to your site in recovery mode so you can fix the problem.

Please Note: Recovery mode will not fix the error but will only give you access to the backend and the opportunity to troubleshoot and fix the issue.

How to access WordPress recovery mode

If your WordPress theme or plugin has caused your website to break and you no longer have access to the back end or the website itself, don’t worry! You can use the WordPress recovery mode to access the back end and make the necessary changes to fix your website.

Follow these steps:

  1. Login to your administrator email account.
  2. Check your inbox for an email from WordPress.
  3. Click on the password recovery link in the email.
  4. Login to WordPress using your username/email address and password.

In case WordPress did not specify in the email notification which plugin or theme is causing the error. Try deactivating all themes and plugins on your WordPress site and reactivating them one by one while you check your website for any changes.

How to access WordPress recovery mode manually

If you’re getting WordPress errors on your site but didn’t receive an email notification, you can always access the WordPress recovery mode using the link below.

Note: replace with your real domain name

If you’ve decided to change your WordPress login URL to something more unique, you’ll need to use a different link when logging in. Just be sure to replace /custom-login/ with your custom login URL suffix.

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