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Link building tactics for your E-commerce Website

Once you have set up your online store, you need to employ SEO strategies to maximize your exposure on search engines. Although you need to use various SEO techniques interchangeably to be successful in achieving your online goals, backlinks are the most crucial search-ranking factor. Understanding how link building works can go a long way in maximizing your visibility and increasing conversions.

What links hold the most value?

When you have high-quality links on your website, it will help you rank better on search engines, which helps to familiarize web users with your brand and drive traffic. However, not all backlinks are equal. Links from relevant websites and vital web pages hold the most value and SEO authority.

Here are the most effective strategies you can use to increase backlinks to your e-commerce site;

1. Guest blogging. Contribute posts to other websites will give you a platform to reach a new audience that your brand has not been exposed to yet. To craft appealing content that appeals to your audience, ensure you do due diligence on the topics, writing style, and audience you are targeting. Focus on providing real value to the audience by making sure that the content is relevant and might be useful to them. Experiment with content formats, such as tutorials, infographics, audio, or video, and ensure that it fits in with the brand’s content strategy to avoid marketing your site or products too directly.

2. Create content partnerships with other websites. Approach websites or online communities with whom you share the same values and audience for value-adding affiliations. Engage with them in a bid to ask for backlinks directly and also provide ways to add value to their websites. When looking for partnerships, ensure you get backlinks from trustworthy, high-value websites since the quality of your backlinks also matters as much as the quantity.

3. Scout for sponsorship opportunities. Sponsoring local events generates publicity and increases your brand mentions, which is an effective natural link building strategy. Set up an event-landing page on your website to make it easy for partners, bloggers, or social media influencers of an event to share the link for promotional efforts, including in marketing materials associated with the event or put out by the organization about your sponsorship.

4. Participate in local events. Closely related to sponsoring events, hosting local events is also an efficient strategy to build your brand both online and offline. If you are hosting workshops, industry awards, or speaking at events, you could leverage them for link building opportunities. Promote the events in online publications, bloggers, and influencers to stir up interest and get a lot of coverage on the web. Plus, getting listed on local event websites is a quick and easy way to get backlinks to your website, which is a crucial local SEO ranking factor.

5. Influencers. Building relationships with influencers are now the most popular organic way of building links. Getting your products endorsed by someone with massive fans and followers will catapult your online store to the top of search engines and build your fan base. Once you identify influencers in your industry, aim to get your products on their radar by genuinely engaging with them. Sending free samples of your products for reviews, for instance, would be an efficient strategy to get them to notice your brand and leave a link to your website. Influencers are more likely to give your online store a glowing recommendation and promote your e-commerce site if you offer them something in return to help promote their brand.

6. Infographics. Creating infographics is yet another way to improve your domain authority and boost your SEO through links. When you compile complex information about a relevant topic into easily digestible information, it will entice people to share it with others, which is great for link building. Ensure the infographic has a well-designed visual and provides readers with relevant or informative information to arouse their interest.

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Building links to boost your SEO is a strategy that requires time, patience, and a lot of effort. A solid link building strategy involves creating and promoting relevant, high-quality content that would appeal to your audience. For best results, using all the link building techniques interchangeably will help build your brand, expose your online store to a big audience, and increase your sales.

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