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How to Create a WordPress Website (5 Steps)

Whether you want to take your passion project online, start a blog, small business, or an online store, you need a website. With a WordPress website, you can never go wrong.

While there are many options you can use to create your online presence, a content management system (CMS) is a flexible, quicker, and easier to use option. The perfect CMS will allow you to easily create and publish your blog, image, and video content on your site.

WordPress has a user-friendly and intuitive interface with powerful functionality that makes it easy to create and publish your site. It is ideal for online portfolios, blogs, business websites, and even e-commerce sites, making it a secure and excellent choice for beginners and advanced users.

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In this tutorial, we will go through the basics of creating a WordPress Website. Let us dive right in!

Choose a Hosting Plan. To run a successful WordPress website, you need to choose a reliable, flexible, scalable, and sturdy hosting plan. Compromising on the quality of your hosting will cost you quality technical support, high uptimes, and site speed. Investing in a quality web host will ensure you have all the online tools and resources to create a solid online presence.

We offer a variety of hosting plans to help you build and grow your website. If you are a beginner, we have the best, secure, and cost-friendly shared hosting solutions to meet the needs of your website. Plus, they are easy to upgrade as your site grows.

Pick a domain name. Picking a good domain name can seem like a daunting task. But once you get through it, you will reap the numerous benefits of having an online presence. When choosing a domain name for your website;

1. Make it easy to spell.

2. Keep your domain name short.

3. Avoid numbers & hyphens.

4. Create a memorable domain name.

5. Choose an SEO-friendly domain that includes your keywords.

Install WordPress. You can install WordPress via the manual installation or one-click installs. We recommend one-click installs, especially for beginners. It is a much easier process, and you can do it in literally a few minutes! Plus, you want to finish the setup quickly and focus your efforts on the content creation aspect of your new website. Check out the tutorials below for a simple guide on installing WordPress on your hosting account.

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How to Install WordPress in DirectAdmin

Choose a WordPress Theme. After installing WordPress, you can now dive right in and choose from the thousands of themes, templates, and plugins to help customize your site to fit your goals. When you pick a theme, it comes with a set of templates for your blog posts, blog archives, and landing pages. The templates will control the overall layout and appearance of the web pages on your WordPress site. WordPress also allows advanced users to create add-ons to meet their exact specifications for their site.

Customize your pages. After choosing the theme, you can now log in to the WordPress Dashboard to customize it and other web pages. You want to control the appearance or layout of your site and tailor it to meet your needs. Creating a website with the end-user in mind and aesthetic design will ensure you stand out online. Customization options will enable you to create a site to better suit your brand image. You can adjust the colors, fonts, typography, and other elements to match your brand and separate you from the competition.

After you are satisfied with the design of your WordPress website, you can now go ahead and launch it!

Ready to create your WordPress Website? We have everything you need to get started and more tips & tricks to get your website noticed online. Contact us via live chat or if you need any assistance.

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