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How to create a Personal Profile Website

Regardless of your career field, a personal brand will boost your job prospects and help you thrive in a saturated job market. If there’s anything the digital revolution has taught us, you cannot rely solely on traditional CVs to gain coveted job opportunities. You should find a way to stand out from the sea of qualified professionals out there.

Having a personal profile website will go far and beyond in showcasing your skillset, a portfolio of your best works, and help you get noticed by recruiters and prospective employers.

Here is how to create a personal profile website that will solidify your professionalism and get you noticed;

Register your domain name. The perfect domain name for your personal profile website will help you build your brand, show off your skills online, land new clients, and cement your professionalism.

You want to pick a domain name that speaks to who you are and what you stand for as a professional. Figure out how you want your prospective employers to perceive you- polished business look, quirky, creative, adventurous?

When in doubt, you can go the tried and tested route of using your official name.

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Choose the hosting plan. After you’ve picked the domain name, you now need to decide on the right hosting plan. Our Profiler hosting package is the best bet. It has all the resources you need to build an online presence in record time, without the added hassle of spending countless hours choosing the right hosting plan to meet your needs.

It’s perfect for professionals and freelancers, complete with five email accounts and an option to customize the website template. Plus, a free domain, for an inclusive price of Kes. 2000+VAT yearly, which is ideal for your digital resume.

Customize your Website. The best news about our Profiler hosting package is you get to customize the website. You can pick your favourite light or dark themes and add start building on your website template. You can modify or add new images, backgrounds and add content. Plus, you have the option to tweak the website template as desired to promote your work.

But as a guideline, be sure to include the About Me page to tell your brand story, samples of your best work, and the Contact Form to make it easy for anyone to reach you. You can also include a downloadable resume, a professional photo, and links to social media profiles such as LinkedIn.

Publish your Website. You can now officially launch and publish your personal profile website. For best results, optimize your site for SEO, use relevant keywords in your industry, and ensure it has a responsive design. Also, remember to keep it updated as your professional experience and standing evolves and increase your odds of making a solid first impression with future employers.

Now that you know how easy it is to set up a personal profile website, there is no reason not to take advantage of its substantial power to market your personal brand.

Not yet convinced that you need a digital resume? Let’s explore the reasons why you should have a personal profile website.

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