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10 Tips for newbies in blogging.

Is there a right procedure in blogging? I tend to think there isn’t. If this is true (and I think it is), then lets go through some tips to get you started. A lot of people have done it differently and achieved success while others have fallen on their feet. Through it all, lessons have been learnt from success and mistakes. Below are some of the learnings.
1) Don’t be a copycat.
It is absolutely okay to admire bloggers who are making it and to benchmark with their work. Be careful not to copy their work or style of writing. Identify what makes you unique and use that to your advantage.
2) Write timeless content.
If you keep posting content that is only relevant to your readers today but totally unuseful tomorrow, you need to restrategize. Content that stays relevant to your readers for a long period of time draws traffic to your blog.
3)Listen to your audience.
Feedback is quite key in blogging. However you share your post, even on social media platforms, be keen to notice any feedback given about the post. Whether negative or positive, it will help plan ahead and identify your readers’ needs.
4)Find your voice.
Every writer has their own voice (More like the way your thoughts align as you write). It is important that you identify your own voice and create a consistent way of delivering your message. It will help your readers to resonate with your line of thought.
5)Self-discipline in writing.
At times we get caught up in writing too much or too little. You don’t want your readers to feel short-changed due to insufficient information and you also don’t want to write a whole novel for an article. Learn how to strike a balance.
6)Write catchy headlines.
The posts with the greatest hits have a catchy headline. You want to entice the reader into wanting to read what you have by giving them a sneak peek using a catchy heading.
7) Be honest.
Don’t lie to your readers. Please don’t! You risk losing the credibility you are working so hard to build. Imagine coming across this catchy heading with a really juicy gossip but when you open it, you find an unrelated story or the story but without all the juicy gossip promised in the headline. Would you trust any other information from the blog? Simply, be honest!
8) Give yourself time.
Rome was not built in a day. You don’t get started today and a week later it’s all rosy. It takes time! While most of us are not cut out to be patient, this is one of the situations in life where you have to exercise patience.
9) Update yourself on what’s trending.
Research and update yourself with what’s trending around your blogging topics. You don’t want to give your clients outdated information or lag behind in news. Read what other bloggers in your field are writing about. This will also help you become more creative with your content.
10) Network!
Network with other bloggers. It is through networking that you get exposure to different writing skills and ways of doing things. If you have not started today, dive in right away!
Learning is a continuous process, be willing to learn from others. Every person knows something you don’t. These are among the things I have learnt… I still have more learning to do. For beginners, get in touch with us. We have amazing hosting packages, a variety of domain name extensions and over 300 free themes that you can use to build a professional blog.

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