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8 Ways to Increase Conversions from your Online Store

For a successful online store, you need a well-defined target market, niche products or offerings, and tons of traffic to your site. In a previous post, we have tips to help you bring traffic to your e-commerce site. But, you still need to drive the traffic into your sales funnel to generate more leads and boost conversions from your online store.

Here are the most effective and affordable techniques to get the ball rolling and increase your conversions.

1. Optimize for speed. Speed is vital to maximize conversions. If you are using a slow e-commerce platform, you will likely lose out on sales. Your goal is to minimize the time your visitors spend on your online store. The easiest way to do this is to speed up your site by implementing a caching plugin and using a reliable web host. Plus, optimizing for speed will help reduce abandonment rates and increase conversions.

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2. Optimize your copy. Your product descriptions are one of the crucial elements of your online store. You are trying to convince potential buyers to make a purchase, so it is important to provide compelling copy that will grab their attention. Ensure you have detailed product information and engaging copy with call-to-action(CTA) that will drive a potential customer to purchase your products.

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3. Use high-quality imagery and product photos. No matter how solid your copy is, it will not be enough to convince a potential buyer to make a purchase. You need to provide high-quality imagery and product photos to showcase the products. When choosing images for your products, take them from multiple angles to showcase the best features and an accurate visual representation. The visual your website is, the better. You will likely see a direct correlation between the amount of high-quality imagery and product photos on your site and your conversions.

4. Incorporate user-generated content. User-generated content is one of the most effective ways to boost your performance, increase engagement, and build a stronger brand. Plus, it is a great way to add another layer of depth to your product descriptions. It includes reviews, product images, videos, and other interactive elements that allow visitors to share their thoughts and experiences about your products. It will build trust, generate higher search rankings, and boost your sales.

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5. Run Flash sales. An effective way to generate instant sales is by offering a limited-time or one-time flash sale event. Instant sales and promotions are a great way to build brand awareness, increase traffic and maximize revenue. You can create a unique time-limited offer that is only available for a short period to capture a customer’s interest and attention in a short amount of time. The key is to create an offer that is unique and generates a high level of interest to draw in many potential buyers.

6. Streamline your checkout process. Your customers’ check-out experience should be fast and flowing. To achieve this, eliminate unnecessary fields and only ask for the minimum information you need to complete a purchase. If your checkout process is not optimized, customers will abandon their carts and move to another website, costing you sales and conversions.

7. Create abandoned cart emails. An abandoned cart email is a series of emails sent after a potential customer has abandoned their cart. The emails recapture the customer’s interest and encourage them to complete the purchase. By creating a series of emails designed to turn customers back into buyers, you will be able to increase the number of sales generated.

8. Offer free shipping. Free shipping is a great way to entice customers to purchase your product. It lets you differentiate yourself from competitors and is one of the most powerful conversion tools available. Your consumers will buy a product if they can get it for free, making it an incentive to complete a purchase.

Creating an effective e-commerce website is a complex process that requires hard work, planning, and dedication. By implementing the strategies outlined above, you can significantly increase the performance of your e-commerce store, generate higher sales, build a stronger brand, and generate more revenue.

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