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How to Start a Travel Blog

Starting a travel blog is a great side hustle and an excellent way to share your passion with the world. Not only is it an effective way to document your travel experience, but also a lucrative opportunity to make some extra income on the side.

With accessible and easy-to-use online tools, setting up a travel blog is relatively simple. In this guide, we will go through all the steps for creating a travel blog. Let us dive right in!

Choose a niche. The very first thing you need to do is to pick the right niche for your travel blog. With so many categories of travel blogs out there, you have to choose the right fit, such as solo travel, family tours, destination-focused, luxury travel, among others. Zero in on your skills, passion, expertise, interests, and make sure to narrow the travel blog topic down. Focusing on a specific topic will help you in every aspect of your blogging journey- from content creation, SEO, photography, branding, and budgetary requirements.

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Branding. A crucial aspect of your travel blog is your branding. As a travel blogger, you have a compelling story to tell about your passion and interests. Having a strong brand will build trust with your readers, increase awareness, build engagement, which is vital for the success of your blog. Plus, effective branding will set you apart from other travel websites out there and increase the odds of your blog getting noticed online.

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Pick a domain name. Your domain name is the real star of your travel blog. Therefore, you need a ton of market research and brainstorming before settling for one. Choosing a domain name can either make or break your business. But, a good rule of the thumb is to keep your domain name short, memorable, and unique. Be sure to include travel-related keywords in your domain to help your blog stand out and contribute to your marketing efforts.

Luckily, we have tips that will help you get that perfect domain name!

Choose a reliable web host. Choosing a quality web host will ensure you have all the resources and technical support to have your travel blog working round the clock. Make sure your web host of choice also has a solid reputation as a reliable provider, with flexible and scalable hosting plans to keep up with your blog’s performance. With some research, you will be well equipped to make the best decision for you and your travel blog.

Our shared hosting plans are a popular choice for first-time website owners. Plus, they are ideal for small websites with low traffic, making it possible for anyone to build an online presence.

Choose a CMS Platform. While there are multiple ways of creating your travel blog, installing a content management system (CMS) is the easy option. As a travel blogger, you have a lot of other blogging aspects to focus on, so a CMS is a welcome break. Plus, with CMSs, you can easily create and publish your blog content without getting involved in the technical aspects. Not sure which CMS option is the best for you? We have essential factors to consider when choosing a CMS and an in-depth look at some popular options.

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Create content. Content is key. Having great content will get your brand noticed online and set your travel blog up for surefire success. The more quality content you have on your travel blog, the more opportunities you create for increasing your organic traffic and monetization. Adding video posts and high-quality images can help show off your experiences better and improve your search rankings.

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Promote your travel blog. Having excellent content on your travel blog is a great way to start. However, if no one knows your blog exists, you will not gain the traction you need to make an impact. Fortunately, we have some free and inexpensive marketing tips you can use to build momentum on your blog and get the traffic rolling in.

Monetize your blog. When done right, your travel blog can be a source of a steady revenue of income. Plus, it’s a win-win for your blogging strategy as you can use the extra income to fund your travel projects. To successfully monetize a blog, you’ll need to have a great niche market, tons of traffic, and quality engagement. Once you’ve built steady traffic to your blog, there are multiple revenue streams you can explore.

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The nature of travel blogging is vast, and you can create valuable content while documenting your passion for travel while making money online. With the right online tools and resources, starting a blog is going to be relatively easy.

Ready to set up your travel blog website? Contact our team of experts here for assistance.

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