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How To Create And Manage A Database In DirectAdmin

A database is a systematic collection of data. It is stored electronically for use as a resource for your site. The most common and most effective database is MySQL Database. MySQL database helps to automate data retrieving and provide great support in PHP MySQL webapplication development. It is also used by the Website and Web Applications hosted in the Server.

Here is how to create MySQL database

  1. Log in to DirectAdmin
  • Navigate to Account Manager
  • Click on MySQL management
  • Click on Create New Database
  • Enter a name for the database
  • Enter a username for the database
  • Enter a preferred password
  • Click Create Database button to complete the action

The database is now created successfully and assigned to the user of the database.

Database Management In Direct Admin

After creating the database, you can then go ahead to manage it; you can repair the database, check the database, optimize the database or delete the database.

Here is how to manage your database.

  1. Under MySQL Management, click on Php MyAdmin
  • Check the databases in the list and select the one you want to manage
  • For every database, four options will appear;
  • Repair – Repairs corrupted tables in a database
  • Check – Check the status of the database for any errors
  • Optimize – Index the tables and optimize the database for better performance
  • Delete – Delete the database permanently

You can select the action you want to execute and proceed to manage the database.

If you experience any hitches in the process of creating a database or managing your database, you should always feel free to reach us at all times. We are always here for you!

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