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Grow your Blog Traffic with these Social Media Tips…

Whether you are a business owner, own an e-commerce site, or have a penchant for creative writing, blogs are a mainstream form of expression to help you build your online presence. But successful blogging requires a lot of time and dedication, which you would like translated into a solid following. You can use your social media in tandem with your blog to build a loyal readership and grow your subscribers.

Luckily, getting your blog posts noticed on socials does not have to be a difficult task. We have some tips to help you grow your blog traffic via social media.

  1. Implement social sharing tools on your blog. Make it easy for your followers to share your content with their circle by incorporating social media buttons on your website. Your readers are the best promoters of your content, so do not shy away from subtly encouraging them to share your blog posts. Ensure you place these CTAs in a strategic position so that engaged readers do not have to go out of their way to share your blog with their network.
  2. Repost old content. As much as you want to provide your readers with new and fresh content every time, it would be fatal to underestimate the value of older content. Link old well-performing blog posts to your socials to attract readers and offer new subscribers content to keep them engaged. Plus, old blog posts will ensure that your subscribers have something to look forward to before you publish new content. You can also revamp old content to feature trendy or informative news that suits a specific season, which could do wonders for your SEO strategy.
  3. Write catchy captions. Pique the interest of your social circle with witty social media captions or quotable snippets of your blog. While your content could be top-notch, you might be losing out on blog traffic by posting nondescript intros to your blog on your socials. Showcase your blog’s personality by crafting engaging and relevant captions. Readers are more likely to interact with your content if it intrigues them or spikes an element of curiosity.
  4. Create exclusive content for your subscribers. Exclusivity sells. Your loyal fan base of readers wants to feel that they get value from subscribing to your blog. Incentivize your readers to subscribe to your blog on your socials by offering exclusive blog content. Plus, this will do wonders for your blog numbers and help you build a solid fan base.
  5. Collaborate with other bloggers. No man is an island stands true even in the blogging world. You can collaborate with other bloggers in your niche for a mutually beneficial relationship. Guest blogging will give you access to a different social circle interested in your content, leading to more traffic to your site and new followers.
  6. Utilize user-generated content. Attract new followers by posting genuine and positive comments from your readers. Highlighting positive comments from enthusiastic readers on your socials is all the social proof you need to attract a bigger blog following.

Promoting your content and growing your blog traffic is no easy feat. But armed with these social media tips, you are ready to put your content out there and get the traffic rolling in!

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