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What Are The Benefits Of A VPS Server For Your Online Shop?

As an eCommerce entrepreneur, the hosting solution you settle on goes a long way in determining how well you succeed with your online shop and business. In an environment where the finest details give you tremendous success when adhered to and near-total failure when disregarded, playing it safe is your best bet. But how safer can it get with a VPS Server?

Choosing a hosting solution is a daunting task

It can be hard to choose a hosting solution that will be an absolute fit for your site. For beginners and smaller businesses, a shared server may be a go-to solution. For a business that is eying continuous growth and expansion, however, a VPS server will no doubt match, or even exceed your expectations. In the highly competitive and sometimes rogue digital environment, meeting your expectations and going that extra mile is what will distinguish you from your competition.

On that note, get the best and high-performance hosting experience with VPS hosting. We’re one of the best and most affordable VPS hosting providers. Our VPS Servers are scalable, built with advanced technologies as well as the latest security features to give you the best online experience. For all our managed VPS servers, you enjoy top-notch technical support from our highly-skilled personnel.
VPS Server hosting lets you get to enjoy the best online experience and use resources as your site requires. But what is in VPS Hosting for your business? Here are the top benefits of VPS Servers for your online business.

Improved site performance

With a VPS Server, you get increased memory, bandwidth and more disk space as well as the best technology. All these features combine to gives you improved performance. Compared to a shared hosting environment, a VPS Server is reliable and stable hence faster, and more efficient giving your clients an easy time to navigate to all parts of your site without occasional timeouts or page errors. That will not only help you reach your clients and customers better but also improve your rankings, trust, and brand reputation.

Scalable resources

Perhaps the distinguishing feature, the fact that you can use resources as you see fit with your VPS Server gives you more freedom to navigate the digital environment. In this case, you are not limited to what you signed up for, you can always expand your resources as your needs grow. Should you need to upgrade to the next VPS hosting plan, it can be done easily and within a short period.

Freedom to install the Operating System and Software you need

When it comes to configuring your server, a VPS plan gives you options depending on what you need for the effective functioning of your site. Besides giving you OS options, the server comes with an auto-installer for common applications. We provide our clients with Managed cPanel VPS and Self-managed VPS to enable those who have a technical background to manage or configure the VPS on their own.

Increase site reliability

Unlike shared hosting plans, a VPS provides resources exclusive to you. VPS hosting can handle a great deal of traffic, and still, give your clients a seamless online experience. Your visitors get the best experience regardless of their number at any given time. This round-the-clock reliability will increase the conversion rate and significantly reduce the bounce rate.

Freedom of choice for desirable service

With our VPS Hosting, you have the complete freedom to choose whether you want a managed or self-managed hosting plan. For the managed plan, we will take care of the configuration as well as making sure server issues that may arise are fully resolved. For the self-managed plan, you will be responsible for server management as well as configuration. If you are not that tech-savvy and wish to have help managing your server, the managed plan is the best for you.

In the digital environment, all businesses have an equal chance of success and an equal chance of failure. The advantages and disadvantages are cut-across-board. Site performance, reliability, accountability, efficiency; all these factors come together to determine how well your online shop competitively fits in the online space. With a VPS server, you are always better-placed to come out on top.

Our popular Managed Cpanel VPS Hosting- Premium VPS III will give you the best value for your money. Don’t stress! We will walk you through the entire plan and show you how it is a perfect fit for your business. Give us a call today on 0713 478 555 or email us on for a callback.

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