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What is a Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate?

What can a Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate do for you? I’ve got to say that it can get a little bit confusing when you’re trying to figure out what SSL certificate you need. Most times, we end up buying what is convenient for our pockets. Here’s everything helpful about Multi-Domain Wildcard SSLs. Hopefully, it will help you make a better decision as you shop.

To start us off, let’s look at some of the SSL Certificate brands that we offer with Multi-Domain WIldcard SSLs. You can click on the brand to get more information from our website.

GeoTrust True BusinessID with Multi-Domain Wildcard 2 additional Wildcard SAN included – This certificate supports multiple domains and Sub-Domains, allowing you to secure up to 250 domains and unlimited number of Sub-Domains on a single SSL Certificate. The GeoTrust True BusinessID with Multi-Domain Wildcard comes standard with 2 Wildcard SANS. You can purchase additional Wildcard SANs as they are needed. Each domain and Sub-Domain will get the same level of encryption, root strength, and activated trust indicators.

Example Site Seal

Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL with 2 additional SAN included– These certificates are SAN supported and can secure unlimited sub-domains under multiple domains. You can add up to 250 additional domains to the certificate at a very economical price. Three domains are already included in the standard package. It also has a site seal included.

Example Site Seal

Thawte SSL Webserver Multi-Domain Wildcard 2 additional Wildcard SAN included -You can encrypt up to 250 Domains and an unlimited number of Sub-Domains with the Thawte SSL Web Server Multi-Domain Wildcard. This SSL Certificate comes packaged with two Wildcard SANs, additional Wildcard SANs can be purchased as needed. A site seal is also included.

Example Site Seal

Multi-Domain Wildcard Certificates can secure both fully-qualified domain names and wildcard domains within their SAN entries. The coverage for a Multi-Domain wildcard certificate would look like this:

Common Name:

SAN 1: *

SAN 2:

SAN 3: *

SAN 4:

Some of the advantages of these SSL certificates include:

  • Secure unlimited sub-domains under multiple domains with one certificate
  • A site seal is included.
  • HTTPS and Security Padlock
  • Easily manage and protect all domains with one certificate
  • Availability in DV (Domain Validated) and OV (Organization Validated)

NB: For the certificate to be generated, you must ensure that the CSR being generated for the SSL certificate is from a non-wildcard domain name to serve as the Common Name. Not to worry though, our team will help you throughout the entire process. 

Now that we have learnt what the Multi-Domain Wildcard Certificates can be used for, what are the limitations? 

  • One certificate is issued for separate domains. If you don’t want the separate domains to be linked to one certificate, then this is not an option. 
  • This certificate does not automatically secure the non-www versions of the Wildcard domains.
  • This certificate will not cover the Wildcard version of the Common Name unless specifically requested.

 Please note that If you need to secure the Wildcard version of the Common Name, you can do so by adding an additional SAN. (Refer to the Common Name reference NB.)

You may still have a few questions and we will be happy to clarify. Please leave a comment below or get in touch with our support team on or 

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