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DIY: How to Activate your SSL Certificate via client area or cPanel.

From numerous articles and discussions, you have come across the essential reasons why an SSL certificate is key for your business. You can read more on SSL here: Lets Encrypt, HTTP VS HTTPS
After making your SSL order from our website and making your payment, there are some procedures you can follow to activate your SSL certificate. Below is a break down of those processes with sample screenshots.
After ordering for an SSL certificate and making payment, you will receive a message similar to the one shown below.
Dear …….. ,
You’ve successfully completed the purchasing process for an SSL
Certificate! But wait, your SSL still requires a few more steps which
can be easily done at the following URL:
If you are using AutoInstall SSL then please follow the below steps:
Now that your SSL purchase is complete, it’s time to set up and install
your new SSL certificate automatically!
To use our AutoInstall SSL technology, the fastest and easiest way to
get your new SSL certificate set up, please log in to your cPanel/Plesk
control panel, click on the AutoInstall SSL icon. Then use the following
Token for the automatic installation of Store Order ID:********
Token : 91*************************************77idq7fa77zsf7 (Please take note of your Token as you will require it)
We are going to demonstrate the two processes with the screenshots below.Option 1: These steps are done in your client area. A login link will be provided as described on the sample email above. You can as well directly login to your client area to start the process.
The process is also to be followed by clients who host their domain with another hosting company.Step 1: Log in to your client area. Go to ‘My products and Services’ and open the SSL you purchased. It should be listed on your Active products/services.
Step 2: Your products details will be listed. Your product should read active. Scroll below to more details with your domain name. On order status, click generate now.
Step 3: Please see the screenshots to help you fill in all the details required.
If you don’t have your CSR file already generated, see steps on how to generate a CSR file from your cPanel here.
Step 4: Verify using the means of verification you had selected.
NB: For email verification, we recommend that you ensure you have used an administrative email@yourdomain name e.g. admin, administrator, hostmaster, webhost, postmaster or the email on the whois database for your domain name.Option 2: This is the simplest option to use. It is convenient to clients who host with HOSTAFRICA.Step 1: Log in to your cPanel. Scroll down to security, then Autoinstall SSL.
Step 2: Put your Token code and Token ID. Kindly view the screenshots for more explanation.
Step 3: Verify your Token.If you encounter the error message below or any other while using either of the two options given above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team for further assistance.

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