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HTTP VS HTTPS: Your website will thank you for it!

It takes some effort to explain the difference between HTTPS and HTTP, needless to say, a good proportion of us are not techies. So, to make this easier for everyone, I’ve come up with two diagrams that put across the meaning in the simplest kind of way.HTTP
HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. This protocol allows communication between a web server and a browser. it allows the user to view the web pages.
HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. This is simply secure HTTP.
HTTP has one problem; information from the web server to the browser through HTTP protocol is not encrypted and can be stolen easily. The solution is encrypting the information which is done by an SSL(Secure Socket Layer) certificate.
Where can you get an SSL certificate?
You can purchase SSL certificates here. We have both COMODO Essential (secures one subdomain) and COMODO Essential Wildcard (secures unlimited subdomains) available for purchase. You can also purchase GeoTrust SSL Certificates. We now have FREE Let’s Encrypt certificates which are installed on client’s request.
Here are 4 reasons why you need HTTPS
1. Google is name-shaming insecure websites: Starting July, Chrome will load all HTTP websites as insecure. This is likely to give clients a hard time to open. Often, a client will get notifications as below.2. To keep your website safe: As explained above, HTTP allows communication between a web server and a browser without encryption which puts your information at risk. It goes without saying that we all want our information protected by all means possible. Security is added to your website in the following ways;
> It ensures your site is secure for your visitors.
>It stops third-party interference.
> By encrypting all information, it protects things like credit card numbers, browsing history e.t.c.
3. HTTPS helps with SEO: In the event that your site and another rank highest based on factors such as keywords, the https in your domain name could give you an edge to your competitor. Google gives a ranking boost to https websites which is an added advantage.
4. Referrer Data: A referrer is URL data from an HTTP header field identifying the Web link used to direct users to a Web page. If you are using Google analytics, Secure websites that link to non-secure websites will not send referral data. The referral data will be reported as direct. This means you will not get a chance to use your referral data to drive sales as it will be missing.
Your thoughts, please?
Are you convinced that you need HTTPS on your website? If you are, right now will be a good opportunity to get a FREE SSL certificate. Don’t scare away your customers while all you need is to have your site secured. You can always leave your comments below. For the free SSL, get in touch with our support team on

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