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FTP Setup: How to create a connection in FileZilla.

An FTP client is a program used to transfer files to and from an FTP server using the File Transfer Protocol. An FTP client usually has a graphical user interface with buttons and menus that help you with file transfers. However, some FTP clients are completely text-based and run from a command line.
We’re going to feature FTP clients that are freeware, meaning they don’t charge you to connect to the FTP server. Some will work on a Windows operating system only, but others are usable on a Mac or Linux computer.
We have several FTP programs that we will cover but let’s start with FileZilla.
FileZilla is a popular free FTP client for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The program is easy to use and understand, and it uses tabbed browsing for multiple simultaneous server support.
The program includes a live log of your connection to a particular server, and shows your local files in a section right next to the remote files on the server, making it really easy to transfer to and from the server and seeing the status of every action.
FileZilla Client supports bookmarking FTP servers for easy access later. You can resume and transfer big files 4 GB and larger, and it supports simple drag-and-drop functionality. It also allows you to search the FTP server.Configuring your web site in FileZilla
Install and have FileZilla running on your computer, but not connected to a remote server.  Open the program. In the menu bar, select File and click on Site Manager to open the Site Manager window.
Click on New site on the left-hand side and then enter the following details on the right-hand side:
1. Protocol: FTP – File Transfer Protocol
2. Host: Server IP or domain name
3. Encryption: Only Use Plain FTP (Insecure)
4. Login Type: Normal
5. Username: cPanel Username
6. Password: cPanel Password


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