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The benefits of new WHMCS features

New WHMCS features

The 7.4 version of WHMCS comes with a lot of benefits that your clients will surely enjoy. WHMCS started out in 2005 as a platform that combined domain registration, support and billing, which quickly made it a favourite for many hosting resellers.

Since then, this all-in-one client management platform continued to grow, adding more security, convenience and features with each version. The latest version of the platform is 7.4.

Features and benefits for the site owner

The 7.4 version adds a new notification centre, which will help you keep up to date on new events. This system allows you to create rule-based notifications, which trigger on events such as new orders, tickets or replies, and these notifications can be configured to be posted directly on Slack Channels or HipChat Rooms.

You will also be able to give API permissions, which is a feature that builds on the API Authentication Credentials that were introduced in version 7.2. This feature allows you to create API Roles, limiting API Credentials and controlling which API actions a specific user is allowed to take.

Version 7.4 also offers CC Avenue V2 Integration, for additional payment processing options, and ticket collision detection, which helps prevent duplication. This system will also alert you of any ticket’s status change, to allow for better organising and decision making.

And finally, you have several new features such as:

  • improved logging, which now includes logging any changes to domains and service addons
  • new email merge fields
  • new hook points

Features and benefits for the client

Clients will benefit from an overall better UX, starting with the improved phone number input. This feature makes it easier to enter international phone numbers by indicating the expected prefix and format of a phone number.

WHMCS 7.4 also adds extra credit card checkout options, allowing customers to choose whether they want to use credit from their credit balance when submitting new orders.

International clients will also benefit from the new translations available for the support system, which localises support department names and descriptions in different languages.

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