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How to use the AI Text Generator in Site Builder

Site Builder Part 6: How to use the AI Text Generator in Site Builder

Our Site Builder is an excellent tool for helping you create the visual aspect of your website. But a website also needs some text, and that can be a time-consuming thing to create. Fortunately, our Site Builder AI Text Generator is here to help.

You won’t have to spend hours figuring out how to get your message across. With the help of the Site Builder AI Text Generator, you can free up time and design the website you want while the AI takes care of the text.

If you need a refresher on the other features of Site Builder, check out our series that covers everything from getting started, to functions and features, to adding a cart.

Anyway, back to the AI Text Generator. Let’s get into how to use it.

How to use AI Text Generator

Start by selecting some text on your website or add a new body of text.

A body of text on a mockup Site Builder website page

Once you have your body of text, you’ll see the rich text editor pop up. Click the “Generate Text (AI)” button.

The Generate Text(AI) button highlighted above a body of text.

In the AI Text Generator window, add your “business type” and “business name”.

The Generate Text (AI) button field with some options highlighted

After that, add what the topic of your text is about under the “Text topic” bar. You can choose how many sentences you want the AI to generate to the right of that. The “Text length” ranges from one to 15 sentences.

The Generate Text (AI) button field with a few options highlighted to assist with text generation.

Finally, add some keywords you want the AI to use in your text.

When you’re done adding all the relevant information, hit the “Generate” button.

The AI will spit out three options for you to choose from. If you aren’t happy click the “Generate more” option. Select the one you like and that solves the issue of adding text to your website.

AI text options generated after setting some parameters.

If you don’t see the “Generate Text (AI)” button or lose connection, give it a minute and reload the page.

That concludes the Site Builder AI Text Generator tutorial. Now you can focus on design knowing that the text is taken care of. This will ultimately help you build simpler and faster websites.

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