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What is dedicated hosting?

Do you need your sites running at peak performance without any interruptions? A dedicated hosting plan could be what you need.
What is dedicated hosting?
This is a hosting option where the client leases an entire server with all available resources purely dedicated to them. It gives the client total control of the server, software and security systems installed. It gives the client an opportunity to optimize their hosting account for their unique requirements which might not be provided by their host.
What are some of the advantages of our dedicated hosting plans?
Server management: We have both self-managed and managed cPanel dedicated server plans. We offer full proactive server management and monitoring, maintaining the software on the server and server security.
Server security: Our managed dedicated hosting plans are highly secure and frequently monitored. Moreover, dedicated servers are less vulnerable to hacking and other security threats compared to shared hosting.
Customizable: This has always been a major reason why clients go for dedicated hosting. You are able to customize the server according to your needs. It’s far more difficult to achieve the same on shared hosting as resources are shared among hundreds of clients.
Uptime: Strong performance and uptime are crucial for web hosting. Example, when your site is at the peak of its performance, you definitely don’t want oopsy! moments. Dedicated hosting plan is arguably the best solution. NB: We evaluate your resource usage, performance among other things before recommending a dedicated hosting plan. Based on a client’s need, we might recommend Shared Hosting or our VPS Hosting plans.
Delivery: We deliver our servers within 24 to 72 hours upon order payment confirmation. Further, the server is preinstalled, optimized, secured, hardened against OS and Kernel vulnerabilities, and ready for use upon delivery.
We also have the self-managed servers for those who have a technical background and can manage or configure servers on their own.

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