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Quick things you can do in your cPanel

If you are new to web hosting, it can be a little intimidating to find your way around the cPanel due to the many features and customization elements available. However, cPanel offers quick fixes that you can use to manage your server and take advantage of all the functionality at your disposal.

When you scroll down the cPanel interface, you will see tabs with all the available features in the control panel. You can also access these features through the navigation bar on the top-right corner of the screen. In the navigation bar, there is a search bar you can use to find specific functions quickly, a link to the user preferences, a notifications bell, and the logout tab.

In this tutorial, we will focus on how you can update your preferences through the quick access area on the drop-down menu in cPanel.

When you click on the drop-down menu, cPanel lets you perform functions such as changing passwords, language, update your contact information, view billing information, among others. As you go through this guide, you will learn how to navigate the quick access area and its functions.

Change Passwords. You can change your cPanel password here to tighten account security. Choosing strong passwords and frequently updating them is a good security practice. In case you forget your cPanel password, you can contact our support team to reset it.

  1. On the drop-down menu, click Password & Security.
  2. In the Old Password bar, type your current password.
  3. In the New Password bar, type in your new password.
  4. Retype the new password in the New Password (again) bar.
  5. Click Change your password now, after which the changes will take effect immediately.

Change Language. The default language in the cPanel, but you can change it to other languages available. To do this;

  1. Click the drop-down menu in the Change Language section, then select your new language.
  2. Click the Change button.
  3. The page will change and then display in your preferred language.

Contact Information. To update your contact information;

  1. Click Contact Information.
  2. Type the new address in the text box.
  3. You can also add a secondary email address in the second text box.
  4. Under Contact Preferences, select the checkboxes for the notifications that you want to receive.
  5. Click Save.

View Support tickets. If you ever have any questions about hosting, your website, or any web-hosting related issues, you can access our customer support team from this section. You can also view the status of your ongoing support tickets and access any emails of previously-resolved issues.

View Billing Information. You can look up anything related to the billing of your hosting package and domain names. Plus, you can get information here on when your next payment is due.

While cPanel offers you many features and customizations, you don’t have to understand them all to manage your website effectively. Nonetheless, learning how to update your preferences will make it easier to manage your site without contacting your hosting provider. When in doubt about some functionality, our support team is readily available to assist.

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