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5 tips starting a reseller business

Starting a Reseller Business

Who is a reseller?

Basically, a reseller is a person affiliated with a web hosting company like HOSTAFRICA, with a reseller hosting package, and resells customized hosting packages  to other clients. It is a good startup entrepreneurial opportunity for individuals who want to join the hosting line of business.

If you plan to make money and have a healthy plan of recurring revenue in web hosting, here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Connect with people!

It is important to find out how well you are connected. It is easy, connect with people by simply interacting. Use your followers on social media to connect with people from different companies. 

Remember to top it up with attending tech events, expos and forums that will help you connect with others.

You will also need to get close to the people who offer hosting services and sell domains to know how the business is run. Mingle! Mingle! Mingle!

2. Find the right fit!

The web-hosting market has become extremely competitive. You have to understand and identify the group of clients that other companies are not tapping into. This will help you get the perfect fit.

3. Identify the right Opportunity.

The next step is finding a good source for your product. If you become a web hosting re – seller, you need to identify a company that is reliable, has been in the industry for a number of years, and one with ample customer support – HOSTAFRICA fits the description.

4. Identify the source.

With the above steps done, approach the source company. Schedule for a meeting. Get to know basic information about how the business is run. This will help gauge yourself and acquire more information on where to start. Remember the source company has knowledge, experience and strategies on running the business. Being new in the industry, you need this kind of information.

5. Make a business plan.

You definitely need a way forward. Create a business plan with all the knowledge acquired. This will help you propel your small business when you seem to be losing your way.

HOSTAFRICA offers the best re – seller packages with ample customer support. With the price as low as 2,000 +VAT per month, which comes with 60GB secure disk space and a monthly bandwidth of 60GB,  it’s good enough to start with!  Once the business is stable, you can always upgrade to a higher package.

Mr Wanjala has been a Tanzanian web hosting reseller for about three years. He admits that it is a challenging business if you are not willing to connect with people. However, he says it is one of the best ways to earn a living in the web hosting industry.

“With a trusted web host company like HOSTAFRICA, you do not have to worry, they got you covered. So, if you are aspiring to be a re – seller, start with HOSTAFRICA and get to tell your tale!” he recommends.

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