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We choose growth

“When you have team players at your disposal, success is inevitable!”

HOSTAFRICA has a unique view of what matters – and what works – In helping startup businesses hack growth and employees advance career wise.
Our drive has always been helping our employees and clients harness their untapped potential and channel it toward high-impact, proven outcomes.
10 years ago in March, we had a mission; to be a market leader in the provision of reliable, secure and professional web hosting and domain registration services. Our success has been backed up by a great team. During our 10th Anniversary celebration, the team jubilated with amazing comments. Here is what they had to say.
Our directors were thankful for the effort of each of the employees over the years.  One of our directors celebrated us on social media “I rejoice with the rest of the team in God’s favour for the achievements, resilience, commitment, diligence, keenness, determination, teamwork, and endurance that has resulted in tremendous growth. I am so proud to be associated with the leading web host in East Africa,” said Dr Peninah.
Josephine M:  I am proud of how far we have come. I commend us for the hard work and the resilience. We have boldly walked a milestone together to get to 10 years of success.
Wallace K: One of my greatest achievements has been learning to take charge. I have become responsible and answerable to decisions I make in my position. This is an important life skill.
Jecinta G:  I am inspired by impassioned and self- motivated colleagues I work with every day.
Evans C: It has been inexplicably pleasurable to work with an amazing team!
Patricia A: Literary, it has been an opportunity to grow and advance my career as well as be an empowerment to women in tech.
Bismarck W: We all have worked together to create a good working environment where every person has a supportive role to play towards our set out goals.
Duncan O: Efficient and effective combined effort has propelled us forward to make the most out of collaborations. We make a good team.
Prisca M: Being in customer service has helped me participate, be involved, and make a difference.
Standa H: Working in the technical team has been both challenging and a platform for personal development. I have walked a big milestone in my career thanks to this working opportunity.
Joab K: Feels good to come to work every morning and do something you love doing. HOSTAFRICA is the place to work, it is the place to be.
Elizabeth M: We are in a highly competitive industry. I like that in HOSTAFRICA I feel psyched, motivated & appreciated as a worker.
Newton M: I am grateful for the opportunity to be an employee of HOSTAFRICA. They have nurtured us towards professionalism.
Joan K: I thank God for the opportunity to grow and work with amazing people. We have worked together as colleagues, friends and now we are a family.
With a lot more said, we tie our boots and take our tools. We know for sure, growth is not by mere chance but a result of our combined effort.

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Viona W.

With over 7 years of experience crafting tech content, Viona W is a valuable asset to the HOSTAFRICA editorial team. Her skills extend beyond writing, as she also boasts experience in public relations and cultivating relationships with media outlets. This makes Viona adept at ensuring HOSTAFRICA's achievements and initiatives gain well-deserved public recognition. When Viona isn't immersed in the world of tech, she enjoys seeking out new experiences in nature and the power of storytelling to create positive change.

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