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Reflecting on October: Farmers Trend Spotlight

Reflecting on October: Farmers Trend Spotlight (part: 1)
Early October, HOSTAFRICA attended the Nairobi Trade Fair held at Jamhuri grounds. His Excellency the president, gave a remarkable opening speech highlighting on the plight of farmers in Kenya and what the government is doing to support them.

“We cannot rely on traditional foreign markets, we must find new buyers for our products just as we must continue to improve productivity and the quality of our products,” said the president. This was my key takeaway statement.

In recognition that as a nation we rely heavily on agriculture as a source of income and sustenance, we should all work towards restoring hope and a future for our farmers. We are in the 21st century characterized by the rise of a global economy and digital revolution. We agree that our farmers continue to face a lot of challenges, but we need to change the state of the nation in the farming sector. Farmers Trend is one of the groups doing something about it. Today we recognize and appreciate our client’s hard work.

Farmers Trend
Farmers Trend is an online agricultural information portal providing solutions to pressing issues affecting farmers in Kenya. They give access to information on research, technology in farming, market trends and also empower individuals interested in agriculture across the country.

Having created a blog in mid-2015, John Matemo and his crew have since been involved in promoting, supporting and enlightening the smallholder farmers, to appreciate modern farming skills, technology, value addition and diversification towards sustainable agribusiness.

Farmers Trend envision a nation where youths are willing to work, get trained and take a little risk in supporting themselves and their families through farming.

At HOSTAFRICA, we are making these dreams a reality. We are right there in the middle of it all.  Working with Farmers Trend and other businesses to provide secure, affordable and reliable web hosting services has been such an privilege.  We are obliged to help businesses thrive online and that is why we package our services to match our clients’ needs.  Our end game is participating in building our great nation.

So, do you want to be part of a winning team? A team with a vision to empower every business and individual in this great nation? Then you need to contact HOSTAFRICA.

We help our clients connect with other businesses and create their own online business empires. We offer great deals in domain names, web hosting services, and vps hosting, all at affordable rates to help them scale up. Why stall? Join us!

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