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7 Most Loved posts by our readers in 2018

Sasahost’s conversation focus in 2018 leaned more towards web security in anticipation of the Africa cyber defence summit that happened mid-year. We shared “Preempt Attacks with Proactive Defense in Imunify360 .” In it, was a thorough explanation of how and why Imunify360 is a comprehensive all-inclusive security solution and what it does. This was meant to help our clients understand why it’s included as part of technical specifications on our hosting plans. Security is one of our top priorities and we aim to ensure our clients host in a secure environment on top of reliable hosting plans. We further tackled important topics around web security among others.
FYI: We’re among the three listed hosting companies in Africa offering proactive defense with Immunify360. Visit.
Looking back, we find it helpful to give a highlight of 2018’s posts that most of you found useful.
7. Millennials, here are tips to identify fake job websites
The Millennial generation, known for their need for instant gratification, have fallen victims one too many times to fake job websites. This was an opportunity to share warning signs. In a nutshell, we shared the following identifiers;

  • check the domain name and check again
  • Check the website
  • read some online reviews
  • check the contact email account

6. Is online security important for your e-commerce website?
This post answers the following questions

  • Should online security be your first priority? Why is that?
  • What measures can I take to secure my e-commerce website?

5. Crash plan checklist for your website.
In business, there are so many business strategies owners come up with. The one strategy likely to be overlooked or forgotten is a crash plan. We all know that data loss isn’t 100% inevitable which makes a crash plan absolutely necessary. This post lists what should be part of your crash plan including;

  • Backups
  • Monitoring
  • Handling Outage

4. Managed vs Self-managed server: Make the right choice!
While purchasing a VPS or Dedicated server,  you are likely to wonder whether to pick the managed or self-managed server. No to forget that the difference in amount between managed and self-managed servers favours the self-managed servers more. We want you to make the right decision. This post will definitely help you make an informed decision.
3. 4 Reasons why you should get domain ID protection!
Domain ID protection is a feature that hides your registrant information. Clever right? You don’t want your phone number, email address, name and the rest displayed to the world in association with your domain name. Not everyone might mind though, but in case you were wondering how to get rid of the whois information on your domain(s), ensure you read this post.
2. Why you should upgrade Joomla! to its latest version?
This is how the story goes: You get a developer to design a website for you, have it ready, make payment and that’s it. Use the website as it was designed for several years until it’s hacked or infected by malware which sets you back to a new design. Just like you upgrade your WhatsApp or any other app on your android phone, your website needs an upgrade. Websites with outdated scripts, plugins e.t.c are always vulnerable. This post will tell you why and help you prevent future disasters.
1. How to activate your SSL certificate via client area or cPanel
If you have made an order for your SSL certificate and made payment, you might not really know what to do next. This post is a step by step guide on how to do-it-yourself (with a pictorial guide) from your cPanel or client area once your order has been accepted on our end.
Those were some of our best-performed posts in 2018. We are grateful to all our readers for providing feedback and reading our posts. As we prepare to even do better in 2019, we would like your feedback.

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