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9 Funny customer care centre moments. #LOL!

Hey! We can sometimes get really serious but some experiences provoke laughter and provide amusement. We are allowed to have a good laugh right? (No apologies!) and most definitely you, our customers, put smiles and giggles on our faces more often than not. Here is a roundup review of the most interesting conversations we have had in the past.
1. Desperately needed to pee!
This is Sasahost?
Receptionist: Yes it is welcome.
Customer: Can I please use your washroom?
Receptionist: Yes, this way, please.
After the customer used the washroom.
Customer: Can I get a glass of water?
Receptionist: Here you go.
Customer: Okay thank you. I needed to use a bathroom. That’s all. Thanks (Walks out of the door)
2. Mistaken Identity.
Well, we most certainly are not Sasa TV. The client mistook us for SasaTV and couldn’t let our customer care agent explain it was a wrong number.
Customer: Hello, I want to speak to Apostle. I want him to pray for me, the demons have come back.
Agent: I’m sorry ma’am but you have dialled Sasahost Limited. Kindly, check the phone number… (customer interrupts)
Customer: No no… don’t tell me to check my number, I’m calling Sasa TV and I want to speak to Apostle. My credit is out, tell the Apostle to call me back before the demons finish me.
3. Can’t pronounce it!
One of our colleague’s name is Hargreaves. So this client, a foreigner, had earlier talked to him and wanted to confirm something from him later on.
Customer: Hello, I want to speak to Haga (In Swahili means buttocks)
Agent: I’m sorry, we don’t have anyone by that name here.
Customer: I remember his name was Haga, or could you tell me anyone’s name starting with H to see if I can refresh my mind. The pronunciation was even funnier.
4. Emotional
One of our agents took a call from a customer inquiring why our prices had changed.
Customer: Hello, have your prices changed? I used to pay 2,320 and now it’s 3,480.
Agent: Yes, we had sent an email notification a few months ago about the changes made. Did you receive the email?
Customer: Sobs, I … thought … sobs…
Agent: I’m sorry, are you okay?
Customers: I… sobs… the …( Client breaks down and disconnects the call)
We tried to call back severally but they did not pick but we helped to ensure their service was renewed.
5. The clueless
Customer: Hello, is this Sasanet?
Agent: This is Sasahost Limited, thank you for calling. How can we be of help?
Customer: I don’t know. My boss asked me to call this number.
Agent: Did he perhaps mention any services he needed from us?
Customer: No.
Agent: We sell domain names and hosting plans for your website files and emails. Can we share more details?
Customer: NO
Agent: Can we disconnect the call and call back when your boss is available?
Customer: No, don’t disconnect, my boss is in the toilet, he will be out shortly so that you can talk to him.
6. Mistaken Identity II
Now, let me say that we’ve been mistaken for Viusasa one too many times. One client came on call asking how he can download the app to watch videos. Others have sent money to our paybill to subscribe or watch a show only to realize they sent to the wrong company.
Customer: I have paid 20 KES to Viusasa have you received?
Agent: I’m sorry, this is Sasahost Limited, we are different Company from Viusasa.
Customer: I have been sending 20 KES thinking it’s Viusasa.
7. The concerned one
Customer: Hello, are you okay?
Agent: I’m fine. Thank you. How can I help?
Customer: I just called in to check on you.
Agent: Thank you. You have called Sasahost Limited. Was the call meant for a friend?
Customer: No, No! I called Sasahost just to speak to whoever picked up the phone to know if they are alright. I would hate to hear anyone from Sasahost killed themselves. As you heard the other day, someone from PWC jumped off from 17th Floor.
If everyone in the world cared for each other like this client, the world could be a better place.
8. Angry!
Customer: I had to come to your office because I couldn’t understand what your agent was saying. When I called, there was a voice saying press this, press that, go up, go down, and a bunch of numbers and other things I could not understand. She couldn’t let me say anything, she kept talking (The client was referring to the telephone voice prompts that give instructions when you call)
9. Wake me up!
Receptionist: Can we get you a cup of tea, coffee, water…?
Customer: Thank you! I’ll pass on the above. Do you have vodka, rum, whisky…?
Receptionist: I’m sorry, we don’t serve alcoholic drinks.
Customer: Too bad. I don’t take soft drinks
These amazing experiences make working in customer care memorable and worthwhile. We don’t mean to embarrass you at all, it’s the uniqueness of the conversations we have with our customers that make our days. We’re always excited and glad to be at your service. You could crack a little joke next time to keep someone smiling. I promise not to write about it.

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