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Charity: #SupportStrokeSurvivors-Stroke Association of Kenya.

It was an honour to participate in the World Stroke Day organized by the Stroke Association of Kenya. The association was founded by a team of stroke survivors who saw the need to educate, inform and support other stroke victims on life after stroke. They provide a unique, post-rehabilitation experience for stroke survivors. Including; offering classes and wellness programs designed to address survivors’ physical, cognitive, social and emotional well-being—in a comfortable, welcoming, non-clinical environment.
The team also reaches out to caregivers who participate in classes and support groups that are designed to address their specific concerns.
The event, held at Kenyatta University on 29th October 2018, was an indicator that there is more to be done to help the team fight stroke. There was a 3KM walk to the hall, where guest speakers from the Ministry of Health and various companies addressed the participants. There were Doctors from Aghakan University Hospital and some nutritionist who took us through how stroke occurs and what to do in the event of a stroke. We also learnt a lot on best diet practices and nutrition. A health camp had been set up to enable participants to test for blood pressure among other tests.
In the same spirit of learning, let me share the key takeaway. The image below sums up the entire ‘FAST’ campaign. In case any of this signs are noticed, get the affected to the nearest hospital immediately. The earlier you get to a hospital the higher the survival chance for the victim.
The Challenge
The knowledge on stroke to the general public is very minimal and is superseded by the myths and misconceptions passed on. There is a need to educate and demystify the myths in our society. Why is that?
The Impact of one’s stroke is determined by how FAST they notice stroke signs, how fast they get to a hospital and how fast they receive the stroke treatment.
Myths about stroke in our society have remained a hindrance to reaching out to more stroke survivors and their caregivers. Even worse, stroke victims are often convinced it’s as a result of witchcraft, that they find themselves in that condition. They, therefore, take time before visiting a health facility or ignore earlier symptoms.
The stroke association of Kenya team needs financial support as most of the team members are stroke survivors. Their situation creates the need for every able-bodied person to support in spreading out their message or in terms of donations to facilitate their noble course.
The Intervention
Sasahost Limited participated in a call for action contacting as many people as we could together with our social media followers to share out the message ahead of the planned walk which took place on 29th October 2018. In our call for donations, we were able to help alongside other companies. This was just a small gesture and more needs to be done. We, therefore, ask every one of us to continue supporting the team as they embark on a campaign throughout the 47 counties in the coming months.
The association needs more support to help reach more people throughout the country. We can support them or learn more from them by getting in touch with their team through their social pages Stroke Association of Kenya or their website or 0713 376 333 or 0707250020 or Donate to their paybill NO: 600022 a/c: your name or Send the word STROKE to 40680 to donate as low as 10 Bob.

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