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IPv6 Addresses: Why Are They Important

Dedicated Hosting is a go-to for eCommerce enterprises; they are highly customizable and suitable for high recourse consumption. With dedicated hosting, you get privacy and control; after all, we human beings have a deep-seated desire for control, don’t we? When shopping for dedicated or semi-dedicated hosting, often you’ll come across IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses. Let’s break it down for you!

IPv4 vs IPv6 Addresses.

IP(Internet Protocol) is basically rules set to oversee data transmitted across the internet. Information sent from one device to another, broken into small bits of data called data packets; which include where the data is coming from and going. Data packets are used in IP conveyance of data navigating the web.

Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are the same in principle but work differently. Their Key differences being; the IPv4 is 32-Bit IP address whereas IPv6 is a 64-Bit host IP address, and IPv4 is a numeric addressing method whereas IPv6 is an alphanumeric addressing method.

IPv6 is in many ways an upgrade on the older IPv4 versions given its efficiency and increased security. The increase in devices and the digital boom necessitated the development of IPv6 addresses. Besides their ability to support a large number of devices, IPv6 addresses come with lots of other benefits that are generally key to online and digital interactions.

Here are the top benefits of IPv6 addresses.

Improved security

IPV6 data packets come with improved confidentiality, integrity, and authentication. In the current digital age, online security is a key- requirement for all transactions. People generally feel safer when their data security is guaranteed; a shunned business that cannot protect client and customer data online. IPv4 addresses have a higher potential to carry malware, a problem that can be handled by integrating IPv6 addresses. The 64-bit IPv6 addresses that come with Sasahost Dedicated / VPS Hosting Services are therefore key to security problems that cause a struggle in most online businesses. Win the loyalty of your customers by getting one today.

Saves bandwidth

IPv6 addresses support multicast rather than broadcast. With multicast, bandwidth-intensive data flows can be sent to multiple destinations simultaneously, which is very critical when you are streaming. If you are launching a product, for example, and you want to reach your audience very quickly and without using all your bandwidth, doing it with a configured IPv6 is the most effective way. You can also conduct product demonstrations and show your customers how to use your products without meeting them or organizing costly events.

Efficient error-control capabilities

IPv6 addresses have efficient packet processing. It does not have an IP level checksum( used in IPv4 to detect corruption in its packets header), meaning that you do not have to recalculate the checksum at every router hop. This makes packet processing more efficient and effective without any intervention.

There’s so much to learn on IPv6 addresses. We most Certainly, will revisit the topic soon. We have tried to put some light on some of the questions asked by clients. Do you have more queries about our Dedicated / VPS Hosting Services? We’re only one call away; get in touch with our customer care team and have all questions responded. We’re here to help you take your business to the next level.


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