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Why your Website needs Social Proof

When it comes to making online purchase decisions, consumers consider several factors, which include advertising, sponsorships, brand preferences, and word-of-mouth recommendations. However, few are more powerful than social proof. Social proof such as customer testimonials, social media likes, online rating systems, credential badges, and awards are a powerful tool that can convert web visitors into actual sales.

Social proof on your website allows you to utilize the marketing power of previous customers to influence new consumers to purchase your products. Consumers follow the trends and behaviour of the crowds when deciding whether to buy a product or not. Statistics show that sixty-six percent of customers are likely to purchase a product online when there is the presence of social proof. Hence, social proof should be a top priority for businesses looking to remain relevant, build their reputation, and increase revenue.

Here are more reasons why your website needs social proof;

  1. Creates and sustains trust with your customers. Having honest and unbiased reviews on your website will establish your brand’s credibility, which enhances consumers’ loyalty. Consumers need to know that the product you are selling will satisfy their needs. If you have a great product and no one to vouch for it, you are doing your business a disservice as sales will plummet. Customer testimonials on your site are proof that your business is legitimate and will enhance your ability to make valuable connections with consumers.
  2. Validates your brand. Social proof sets you apart from your competitors. Your customers are the most powerful tools of persuasion. Consumers are more likely to trust what peers say about your product as opposed to marketing messages. Online reviews on your website will give customers confirmation that your products are superior to those from your competitors. Use elements of social proof, such as ratings, high-profile clients, or video testimonials to separate yourself from other businesses and give consumers reasons to choose your brand.
  3. Highlights product features, which improves SEO. Reviews on your site will increase your rank on search engines as customers will newly highlight the product or service. Having user-generated content on your website increases the freshness score, which results in higher search rankings. As a result, web visitors will reach the website organically, which increases traffic, the average session rate, and click-through rates. The use of social proof in your content marketing efforts will also help you illustrate the attractive features of your products, away from the monotonous direct marketing tactics, which have the potential of turning away customers.
  4. Customer feedback will help you improve your business. As customers can easily share their experiences about your brand through social media and customer review sites, it gives them a powerful voice in the creation and marketing of your products. Identifying the areas of your business that needs improvement leads to better customer satisfaction and increased conversion rates. Plus, asking for feedback from your customers will prove that you care for their opinion and understand their market needs.

Incorporating social proof on your website will build trust with customers, improve your brand image, and increase conversions from your business. As a business owner, soliciting feedback, highlighting reviews on your product, and customer testimonials will cement your social influence, which increases visibility and incentivize consumers to care about your products.

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