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SEO For Beginners: Introduction

A month into the new year, we still have business owners wondering how they can gain an edge over their competitors. If you have not optimized your site, then your competitors are enjoying a free reign. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) should be on your bucket list. It is particularly crucial to invest with a clear understanding about SEO.
What is SEO?
SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, in it’s simplest form is to set up the online visibility of a website/webpage to improve its performance in organic or unpaid search results.
As you wrap your brain around what it entails, We have put together components to give you a general understanding of the key factors that will influence your website’s ranking.
1. Keywords or key phrase optimization- These are simple descriptors that people type into search engines. You have to put relevant keywords on your page for search engines to easily identify the topic. As you get someone to optimize your site, ensure you select the keywords/phrases carefully. Keywords could bring so many visitors to your site but are those visitors the right audience? Our team can help you gather more insight.
2. Content Marketing- Creating quality content will help you rank higher, attract attention, generate leads, expand customer base and create brand awareness and credibility.
While a lot of people ignore this aspect, it’s inevitably important for content marketing and SEO to complement each other. The key in content marketing is ensuring the content you create educates your consumers. You should have in mind that most customers visit your site to get relevant information. You should put a lot of effort into content generation, it will help you rank higher. As they always say, content is king.
3. Social Media – Google will rank a website higher if they trust the source to be credible. One of the ways of achieving credibility is through social media influence. Influence is based on your reach and relevance. You need to focus on how relevant your content is to the brand, how many people you are able to reach and most importantly how people are engaging with your content.
However, it’s not a guarantee that your social post will get to the prospective customer at the time that they are looking at for your product or service. Therefore, you should never assume that social posts on their own will seal the deal. Every component here should complement each other.
4. Product Images – Many consumers search for both web results and images of the product they are searching for. A visual representation is of great importance, but might also work against you if the quality is poor. A perfect match would be unique-good-quality-images and relevant keywords to accompany the image. This will definitely be a determinant in where you rank. It’s also likely that potential clients will click the image to find your store.
In the event that SEO has crossed your mind, then you are on the right track. With over 1 billion websites on the world wide web, today and each of them wants to drive sales, you can’t afford to be left behind or lose your potential clients to your competitors. Look, above are just a few components you can relate to. We have more coming, but we don’t wanna scare you just yet! It will definitely go along way in helping you understand what SEO is about.
Editors note:
We have a team ready to answer any questions you have on SEO and help you optimize your websites.

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