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How is Your Web Host Affecting Your SEO Ranking?

Did you know that your web host can affect your SEO ranking? Choosing a web host certainly requires wisdom; it’s not a guarantee that your web host will boost your rankings, but for sure can affect how high you rank on search engines. It is, therefore, smart to balance between affordability and factors affecting SEO, which we will discuss below.

Uptime and downtime Server Uptime is critical when choosing a web host as search engines prioritize websites with stellar uptime. If your website is constantly experiencing downtime, your ranking will be greatly affected. Sasahost guarantees 99.9% server uptime, meaning we go above and beyond to ensure that your website stays online. Our customer service team is always available round the clock to answer any queries and help ensure your website is accessible. Settling for web hosting services with frequent downtime, which happens when your site is inaccessible to search engines, can lead to your website being flagged unreliable and will in the long end, drop in search engine rankings.

Your site’s security The security of your site is important to us and also in SEO rankings. You will need a web host that offers web security features. When it comes to security, we don’t take chances. Our hosting plans have automated anti-DDOS security system, Comodo Web Application Firewall (CWAF) provides powerful, real-time protection for web applications and websites, Imunify360’s automated security solution, powered by AI among other security measures. It is also important to ensure your website has an SSL certificate, you can check out our SSL solutions or engage our team for more information.

Speed is also an important consideration in web hosting choice. Your site’s load speed has to be fast to enable visitors to access your content and probably share it. If your site is slow in loading, visitors will bounce, and your SEO will be hurt. At Sasahost, we can help you address the issue of speed. Our team of experts are ready to analyze and diagnose your website. We will advise accordingly on what could be affecting your website’s speed and provide you with the appropriate solution.

We all know that backup will save you a lot of stress from data loss and will most certainly do the same for SEO rankings. In the event a disaster strikes and you lose all your data, your SEO ranking will be lost too. Starting afresh after all that hard work is heartbreaking. Ensure you host with a team that offers efficient backup solutions. Sasahost provides free remote backup for your entire cPanel Account (including website files, databases, emails, cron jobs, SSL certs and DNS zones) with an easy self-service download and restore via cPanel.

As you think about SEO for your website, you have four more pointers to help you identify if you are hosting with an SEO friendly web host. If you’re yet to purchase a hosting plan, you can find a perfect fit here.

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