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How to Create a Content Strategy that works

When web users visit your website, you need to keep them on your site long enough to complete the desired action; either sign up to a newsletter for your blog posts, or purchase a product from your online store. While an online presence will make people aware of the existence of your website, to get people to stay on your web pages or keep coming back, you need to have content.

To develop valuable content, you need to create a solid content strategy to help you achieve the online goals of your website. When done effectively, it can lead to the optimal growth of your online business and increases conversions.

Follow these steps when formulating your content strategy to set your website up for success;

  1. Define the content goals you hope to achieve. Creating content blindly with no end goal in sight will derail your progress. Content creation goals range from driving web users to your website and into your sales funnel, increase awareness of your brand, or build trust among consumers by cementing you as an expert in your field. When creating your content strategy, you will have to decide what your objectives are and then set achievable goals to help you stay on track.
  2. Find your target audience. Finding a market niche and creating content that appeals to different segments of your target audience can help to grow relationships with your consumers. Demonstrating that you care about the individual needs and experiences of your customers fosters engagement and customer loyalty.
  3. Research the best content creation strategies for your products and services. To create a winner content strategy, you need to do ample research on the types of content that will best deliver the message to your audience for quality engagement. Tied in closely with this is the need to understand your target market and tailor your content to fit the “buyer persona” for them to purchase your products or services. Appealing to your target customers through your content proves that you are in-tune with them, which shows that you understand them and their needs.
  4. Create content. Once you have settled on your ideal audience, you can now focus on content that has value. Coming up with quality content to sell your products and engage your audience should be a gradual process. Web users are more likely to visit a site that is active and cares about keeping them informed. Create informative and quality content, such as a great how-to video, infographics, or consistently posting new blog posts, which provides real value to your audience to keep web users interested in your brand. Experimenting with a variety of content is pivotal to figure out the type of content that gets the most engagements and encourages your audience to complete a full customer journey.
  5. Track key performance metrics to measure success. A content strategy is not complete without a metric to measure its success. Although frequently ignored, it’s crucial to use website metrics to measure the success of your content strategies in achieving your goals. Metrics to measure include bounce rates, number of leads, conversions, and the overall time web users spend on your website. Content that increases traffic, engagement, and drives conversions is proof that your content strategy is effective. Tracking the performance of your content will help you discard the methods that don’t work for your online business and instead stick to those that have proven to be effective.

Creating a sustainable content strategy requires planning and research. You will need to set goals, research your target audience and the content that would appeal to them, and the metrics to measure.

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