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How to boost User Engagement on your Website

The key to a successful online business is user engagement. It lets you know if your website is well-poised to drive conversions and increase sales. When potential customers are satisfied and have a positive experience with your website, it automatically improves the quality of engagement. User engagement measures the reaction of users to your website or product. It can be done by analyzing various components of your website to see if users are completing the desired action. You’re about to find out how to boost user engagement with the tips below.

Consumer behaviour. It includes downloading forms, clicking on call-to-actions, subscribing to newsletters or following additional links to more content on your blog. It shows you the extent of user engagement on your site; increasing user engagement should be the goal of every website to get the most out of your digital footprint.

Knowing your potential customer’s needs. This is a key component in improving user engagement and fulfilling the promise your website gives to your clients. The premise of most businesses is to offer value to users. The same applies to websites. Website users are more likely to be engaged in your website if it adds value to them. The customer journey of your potential users gives valuable insight into the pages that they mostly interact with. Therefore, using this information, one can better structure their products in a way that ensures most users complete a full customer journey before leaving a site.

In the digital world, content is king. Gone are the days when users made decisions about the content to consume based on pictures and short texts. As websites continue to mushroom online, sophisticated users, who offer the most engagement, are more inclined to prefer websites that offer quality content. Consistency in terms of design, font styles and tone of content improves the brand credibility among potential users.

Having a user-friendly website is a factor frequently ignored by website owners. It is an important driver for user engagement and frequent client visits. A website should be easy to navigate and make it easy for users to complete a full customer journey with no technical problems. Part of having a user-friendly website is ensuring that it’s optimized for mobile devices. Since most websites get most of their traffic from mobile phones, having a website that is not mobile-optimized hurts its chances of getting traffic and significantly reducing the level of user engagement.

Website performance in terms of speed also plays a crucial role in the quality of your user engagement. The span of concentration on online users is deteriorating over the years. Not surprisingly, 40% of website users leave a page if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds or less. Therefore, to keep the attention of most users enough for them to complete the desired action, the page loading speed of your website has to be lightning-fast.

User engagement is tied in closely with the profitability of your website. Highly engaged users are more likely to convert to potential leads for your website. Therefore, a website should be able to convert its user engagement to drive sales from the websites.

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