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Are you on a tight budget? Here are tips to market your website

A website is the focal point of all your marketing efforts for your business. While building a website is the first step to growing your online presence, the next step is to market your website to get your brand name out there and improve brand awareness. For you to effectively sell your products and services online, prospective customers need to be aware of the existence of your website. The good news is you don’t need to break the bank to promote your site.

Use these free promotional tactics to drive traffic to your website and increase conversions;

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Improving your search engine’s ranking is the most effective way to market your website. Appearing top of search engines maximizes the reach and visibility of your site to potential customers, which increases leads and conversions. Good SEO results are mostly driven by consistently posting quality content, relevant keywords/phrases, and optimized site navigation to provide potential prospects with seamless user experience. While building organic search takes both time and effort, in the long run, you will boost your search rankings, build credibility, and increase website traffic with minimal expense.
  2. Blogging. Starting a blog on your website will increase the visibility and credibility of your business. Other than positioning yourself as an expert in your field, experimenting with a variety of content that might be interesting and useful to your web visitors will drive lots of on-site engagement. Coming up with high-quality content is a gradual process, so focus on repurposing old content to increase its freshness appeal, resulting in better search rankings.


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  1. Email marketing. Launching an email marketing campaign is an inexpensive yet effective way to increase leads, build brand engagement, and improve brand loyalty. Leverage email marketing to give industry tips, send newsletters, offer product discounts, and market events that align with your brand to increase site traffic and engagement. For a successful email marketing strategy, ensure you build an email list directed on the quality of the email addresses and their ability to be converted into leads through the use of targeted content, incentives, and engaging them frequently.
  2. Social media. Brand recognition is the goal of all marketing efforts since consumers are more likely to purchase products from brands they recognize. An effective social media marketing strategy will generate conversations about your brand and increase brand recognition much more quickly and easily, compared to other marketing tactics. Promoting your website on social media requires both strategy and creativity. As you market your products and services on social media platforms, ensure you link to your website. Also, use social media to share your brands’ story to get people to care about your business and drive traffic to your site.
  3. Local listings. Since the majority of web users search for products online, listing your business in online directories will boost your local search. When your online listings have a consistent business name, physical address, and contact details, it signals to search engines that your business is legitimate and can be trusted. Hence, your local listing will appear top on search engines. Ensure you include a link to your website on the online listings to drive the traffic back to your site.
  4. Guest blogging. Featuring in a guest blog will help establish yourself as an authority figure within your market, build relationships with other thought leaders in your field, and expose your brand to an entirely new audience. Post quality content to arouse interest in readers and always include links back to your site in your content. When many links are linking back to your site, it increases your search rankings, which results in more traffic.

The marketing strategy to choose largely depends on your website’s needs and the resources at your disposal. For best results, use these promotional strategies concurrently to market your website efficiently.

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