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7 Tips to attract more clients to your website.

After chasing all the recommended marketing strategies one after another, you probably haven’t exhausted or answered how to attract more clients to your website. You will always need more clients, more profits and the cycle continues. Today, we address the more factor – How can you attract more clients to your website? Let’s find out!
1. Securing your website. I feel like we have oversold this concept to you, but we will do it over and over again. At least until every last one of us understands how crucial it is. Clients are more exposed to information hence wiser – immediately they open your website, which is marked not secure, they will opt-out. You may have the best products and services, but as long as your website is not secure, it will not inspire confidence to users. Website users are now more keen on information security and issues such as credit card fraud. To seal such loopholes, securing your website with an SSL certificate is one of the measures you can put in place.
2. Make sure your website is fast.
Get a good web host with efficient hosting packages -like ourselves-to improve the speed of your website. Regularly update your website theme and plugins to improve the website’s performance. You should also optimize your web pages, including image file sizes. In case all this is gibberish to you, engage your web developer.
3. Make your website responsive.
Website users are now accessing your website through their mobile devices -thanks to iPhone and Android -more than ever before. A responsive website makes users frequent visitors on your website. Did you forget to have this looked into during the development of your website? Make the necessary changes as you could be losing potential clients.
Let’s dig into some of the marketing how to’s.
4. Advertise and make use of social media.
A website on its own is good but not good enough! Invest in advertisements and make use of social media. Ensure your company has active social accounts and consistently use ads to drive conversations.
5. Content marketing is king.
Use content to drive conversations and actions. Your content should be appealing, informative, catchy, newsworthy and generally something your clients can relate with easily. Entertain your users sometimes, don’t spook them with jargons and unreadable content. Video content will also make a lot of difference.
6. Be your industry’s trailblazer.
This one right here means to showcase your prowess and lead. Be innovative and find out what advantage you can use to beat the competition. Review your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and use that to innovatively set trends in your industry. As a trendsetter, you will easily direct all that traffic to your social pages, website, blog and any other platform you set to reach out to users.
7. Every day is a learning opportunity.
Just because you’re not getting as much traffic as anticipated doesn’t warrant you to go slow. Competitors aren’t sleeping; they’re working harder than you. Keep exploring how to get more traffic to your website. Another blogger likely covered something I left out – not that I did it intentionally – which can be helpful. After all, a learning curve is essential to growth.

Failure is only the opportunity to begin again; only this time more wisely. ~ Henry Ford

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