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Top things to consider when choosing a web host

Top Things to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Provider in Kenya

A blog post detailing what to consider when choosing a web-hosting service in Kenya at an affordable cost.

What is web hosting services?

A web host is where all the files of your website live. As the name is, it is like a house for your website.

A web hosting service is a hosting service that allows organizations and individuals to make their websites accessible on the internet.

Types of web hosting services

When it comes to choosing a web-hosting service, there are crucial things to consider. While web hosting is all about storage space, the difference in the plan you choose depends on some elements. These elements are :

  • The amount of storage
  • The speed and reliability
  • Control
  • And technical knowledge requirements.

Whether you are an SME (at the entry-level ) or an enterprise, we’ve got you all covered with flexible and affordable plans.

These are the different website hosting services that we provide.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is ideal for entry-level, small, and medium enterprises with low website traffic of about 100 visits per day. Shared hosting means that your website lives on the same server as other websites and, your website shares the same server resources such as storage space and central processing unit.

This plan is affordable for those organizations or individuals who are just starting.

Although shared hosting is an ideal and a simple plan, bear in mind that it has its downfalls. Because it is shared hosting when there is a surge from other websites, your website functionality and user experience are compromised.

We provide two types of shared hosting. LiteSpeed Shared Hosting from KSh 560 per month, which is fast, reliable and you are assured your website is always up and running. cPanel Shared Hosting from KSh 420 per month which isn’t as fast as LiteSpeed, but is just as reliable and secure.

With these plans, you get great cPanel features offered on our premium servers plus a few extras.

Virtual private servers hosting (VPS)

VPS hosting is ideal for advanced companies who want control but do not have the technical knowledge required for dedicated servers. In VPS hosting, each website is located its own server space in a shared physical server.

If you are a company that wants to run specific software on their sites but do not have the knowledge expertise needed for dedicated servers or do not need a dedicated server, then this plan is the best for you. We offer this plan from KSh 860 per month.

Dedicated server

A dedicated server is the most advanced and expensive hosting plan that offers your company the benefits of high storage space, high performance, security, email stability, and control. A dedicated server needs a high level of technical knowledge for the installation and management of the software.

This plan starts at KSh 10,400 per month.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is where your website data is spread out on different servers on the cloud. This hosting plan is beautiful such that when one server fails, the other server picks up the slack.

With cloud hosting, it is easy to scale up when there is high traffic and scale down when traffic goes down. When you get a spike in traffic, your website can use the resources needed without downtime.

Our Linux Cloud Servers start at KSh 960 per month, and our Windows Cloud Servers from KSh 3,799 per month.

So choose the best web hosting plan that helps you achieve your goals and compliments the company.

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