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News Site Owner? 3 Reasons To Choose Africa Hosting

As a news site owner, you heavily rely on availability to reach your target audiences. This means that your visitors must always find you when they want to be informed. When they do, your site must also be fast enough to enable navigation from one page to another or from one news category to another. Speed, availability, and security come together to define the perceptibility of your target audience. As important as those features are in building trust among your target audience and your authority in Search Engine Results pages, hosting with us will give you that all-important competitive edge in the online environment. Here are three reasons why.

1. Increased Performance

As a news site owner, how well your site performs when visitors click on your pages and tabs determines what percentage of the visitors will keep coming back for more. You must always ensure your site is performing optimally. An important way to ensuring your site is always performing optimally is by having the best hosting service provider. As a professional web hosting provider, we make this possible through a combination of the following;

· High-Performing OS. Our hosting infrastructure is built and maintained on a high-performance Linux Operating System (OS). The OS is an effective resource-consumption platform that ensures your site constantly delivers visitor requests without stalls and frequent timeouts regardless of the number of visitors. This means that even in ‘Breaking News’ instances where a large number of visitors want to get access and be informed access your site without any telling stumbles.

· Latest Caching Technologies. Our optimized server cache is key to ensuring the best load speeds for your news site as well as scaling your website. Your visitors can access both static and non-unique pages without having to renew requests every time they try to access your site. This optimized access is important for news sites. It improves user experience and site navigation.

· Optimal Database. A fast database is key to delivering browser requests every time a visitor makes a request. By hosting with us, you are guaranteeing your visitors the best browsing experience and significantly reducing the number of ‘Database Error’ messages that are synonymous with news sites with sluggish databases.

· Optimal PHP. Our PHP version is optimized for high performance. The optimization has no side effects on features and abilities. This gives your site an edge over other news sites in the digital environment.

2.Improved Security

Besides the affordable and highly effective SSL Certificates that we offer for site-level protection, we go the extra mile by ensuring your entire hosting service is secure at all times. Security is not only important for you and your data but also a necessity for your visitors, they have to feel comfortable and trust you. Indeed, security is a key Search Engine Ranking Signal. As a news site owner, a favourable ranking is what will bring you traffic and click-throughs. Here is what we do, as a hosting provider, to improve your security.

· 24/7 monitoring. Our server administrators monitor the traffic and resource consumption on all our servers. We also have an updated firewall on all our servers that monitors for any malicious traffic and stops it before it can reach your site and potentially harm you.

· Maintenance. Our servers and infrastructure is always maintained, monitored, and updated for maximum security and performance. We are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities and correct them if any before they can trickle down and affect your site. This gives you a competitive edge over your competitors.


Can you imagine how devastating it can be for you and your site when visitors find your site offline after an important event that you just covered? That can happen. To effectively eliminate such occurrences, we guarantee 99.9% server uptime all year round. With that, your site will always be up and running at all times. You will need to count on availability as a news site owner. You cannot deliver news that can have an impact if your site is constantly offline. Besides that, our server hardware is constantly monitored to ensure it is always running.

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