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Is a Dedicated Server the right choice for you?

As a business experiences massive growth, its website needs to adapt and scale upwards to keep up with the rapid changes. Investing in a dedicated server is the best bet for websites experiencing performance issues due to an unprecedented surge in traffic or data storage space. These issues manifest in website crashes, slow loading speed, or occasional error messages.

Dedicated server hosting has a lot of benefits to websites, which makes it an optimal choice for small or large-scale businesses.

  1. Reliable. A website should be available online to potential users at all times. Dedicated hosting ensures enhanced reliability since a server’s resource is only exclusive to the operation of your website. When space is shared between multiple websites, as in shared hosting, the uptime reduces significantly. Having your website on a dedicated server ensures that all resources are allocated to its operation, making it run seamlessly and flawlessly.
  2. Improved performance. When server resources are shared among multiple accounts, it compromises the performance of a high-traffic website. A dedicated server improves the overall performance of your site and prevents crashes. Plus, a website on a dedicated server performs significantly faster during peak times, which is good for your business.
  3. Scalability. A dedicated server is an ideal solution for those looking to upgrade resources without compromising the functionality of a website. Continuous growth requires an upgrade of memory space and bandwidth for the smooth operation of a website. Dedicated hosting makes it possible to upgrade your resources to a better package to suit the needs of your website without experiencing any downtime.
  4. Server customization. Complete ownership of a dedicated server has accrued benefits. It allows you to install applications or configure your software to your liking. In shared hosting, this isn’t possible since your operations can affect the performance of other websites on the same server. Having total control over your server means you get to customize your website in a way that works for your online business.
  5. Security. Generally, a dedicated server ensures your website is less vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Installation of the latest security software ensures your website is secure and protected. The enhanced performance is a great strategy to protect your website’s files or sensitive consumer information from malware or phishing attacks.

Upgrading to a dedicated server is a worthwhile investment for businesses that have significantly grown more than a shared hosting package can handle. If you have a high-traffic site, require more storage space, or need more control, dedicated hosting is a smart choice. However, to make this move, one should be prepared for the enormous responsibilities of running a self-managed dedicated server.

If dedicated hosting is the right choice for you, you still need to find the right hosting plan. We offer the most powerful and comprehensive managed and self-managed dedicated hosting plans. Get in touch with us if you need help configuring your dedicated server.

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