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How much should you be spending on web hosting?

Usually, when looking for a house, you come up with a checklist. Think of the space you require, the number of rooms, the lighting condition etc. All these are meant to ensure you get the perfect house for the amount of money you’re willing to pay. Similarly, your website files and email files need to “live” somewhere. So, how should you know how much to spend on web hosting?
Features of the hosting plan.
Scouting for a hosting plan requires you to have an idea of the features you need. The most basic features include memory/RAM, disk space, bandwidth, number of subdomains allowed, addon domains, number of email accounts etc.
You might not know how much memory or disk space your account might need, but you can always consult with your website developer. If he is not available, don’t worry, our team is readily available to advise and answer any questions you might have.
Domain name.
By the time you’re thinking of web hosting, you already know that you require both a domain and a hosting plan. Note that domain prices differ with every domain extension and likely with different domain registrars. Domains expire after one year. Be keen to ensure you know the terms of the registrar. For free domains registrations, find out about subsequent renewals.
Hosting Company
The hosting company is equivalent to your landlord. You want assurance of security, reliability, efficiency, availability the list is endless. If the web host fails to guarantee a handful of your listed qualities, they then don’t cut the list.
The price.
It is even more daunting to choose the best price. With all the juicy deals each web host throws at you, you might forget about all other points discussed above. Here is the simplest way to do it; write down your list of web hosts, go through each of the points above while making a comparison, Remain with the two most competitive.
Note: You need to find out if the hosting plan price is monthly or annually. I have always preferred annually because monthly subscriptions are hard to keep up with.
Find my all-time favourite hosting plans below. They should be top on your list if you need value for your money.
High traffic website & e-commerce portals
Startup Business

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