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Getting Started in Web Hosting for SMES

Let’s be real for a moment. When you’re an SME, getting started is stressful. Too many uncertainties, limited finances, limited personnel and you tend to #DIY everything. When it comes to web hosting, you’re likely to face the same dilemma. It’s trying to balance between all these features and needs with limited finances. One of the most common questions has been; if I’m not 100% certain that my business will pick and pay up all funds invested, how can I subscribe to an expensive hosting plan?
Here’s the truth, there so many ways you can cut on payment but the worst mistake is to give up quality for cost-cutting in web hosting. How then do you reach a compromise?
1. Talk to us. Don’t struggle much; we have over 12 years of experience in web hosting and our support agents are readily available to listen and advise. We also encourage their clients to involve their web developers. That way, we can give more conclusive advice on which package can be a great fit.
2. Features are the bullseye. We remain so focused on the price that we end up getting such a raw deal. Something else to note is that one domain name can do very well on one package and the other poorly. This is because websites and emails are unique to each account, and the consumption levels might also vary greatly. Use the features you need to compare and get the best price in the market. That will give you the best compromise.
3. Customer service. If you’re not a techie, you will need to have an IT person who you can consult with in case of anything. Hiring an IT person could be costly for you but we’ve got you! We’re just one call away. Our customer service team is knowledgeable and well experienced. We’re available on chat, email and call support. You can also learn one or two DIYs from our customer support team.
The above will get you started. But you don’t intend to remain solo, do you? As your business grows, you need to grow as well. You need a web host who you can grow with. At Sasahost, we value our clients and have mostly grown through referrals. We believe in creating a family, ensuring you feel as comfortable as possible and keep growing your business with worry. You can count on our customer support to help you sort issues on time, the security of your account, value for money and of course all at a good price.
So, when are we going to have this conversation? We can help you get started.
Email: | 0713 478 555, 0732 478 555, 0777 478 555

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