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There is a need for comprehensive hosting packages!

How can we innovatively use feedback from our clients to meet unarticulated needs in web hosting? That was our point of discussion for our 2018 deliverables. Our company culture is based on our desire to lead in providing web hosting solutions in Africa and beyond. We recently did a market research just to understand the needs of our clients and web hosting trends to keep up with. Here are a few realizations.
The need for comprehensive hosting packages.
Long gone are the days when users only needed web hosting services to host their websites on a server. Users now need solutions in a bundled-up package.
“What is an ideal hosting package for you?” was one of the questions asked. Most of the clients were very straightforward with their answers. Among the things that appeared invaluable to them was an all-inclusive plan. They essentially would like a domain name, hosting plan, hosting backup, website, SEO, email hosting and SSL in one package.
The affordability of the services.
We all want to save up some money and take the best deal home. We also know affordable might not always be the best option. They say, cheaper tends to come with a lower price and at a higher cost. To get this services in one plan, we should expect to pay more than the usual basic package. You can, however, get the perfect compromise. This is because we have gone an extra mile to provide for affordable – comprehensive plans.
The reliability of customer support.
About a week ago, during an interaction with one of our clients. He mentioned that he had to learn to DIY(Do it yourself) as hiring an IT person in a small business is too expensive. While quite a good number of clients who have taken that route are able to get by, they at times require technical support. This is where reliability, flexibility and providing solutions become indispensable. It is our mission to ensure our customer support is always efficient and reliable 24/7.
Email trends.
More than before, email marketing has become bolder, characterized by automation and individualization. With the increased use of smartphones, more and more companies are sending newsletters and emails and with the massive communication, spamming and spoofing has also become rampant. We have measures to ensure you are able to send 500 genuine emails per hour on shared hosting.
What we have to offer.
If you are looking for an all-inclusive plan for you, or a comprehensive package that can give you value for your money, we’ve got you!  Get a secure hosting plan, email hosting, free SSL (upon request), hosting backup plan, spam filter and a website builder with over 300 free templates all at 6,000+VAT/Yr. Subscribe to our Premium CMS Hosting today!

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