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Are you searching for a hosting package for your website? Read this!

If you are considering hosting with us in 2018, then it’s important to have a glimpse of what our products are about. Sometimes you subscribe to a package and you later feel shortchanged. Could it be that you missed picking the package that fits your needs? Or you picked the cheapest package but is not working for you?
Let’s face it, you need the very best hosting environment to get value for money. That’s why we are taking you through our packages to help you make an informed decision.
Startup Hosting Packages.
A startup is a young company that is growing. As the definition explains, we have perfect packages for young growing companies.  Our startup hosting packages are affordable, flexible and currently serving over 6,800 clients. It’s a perfect match to help set motion for your business during its early stages of development. Here is a breakdown.
What is RAM an why is it important when it comes to selecting a hosting package?
RAM (Random Access Memory) is the memory responsible for holding temporary data when your site is running multiple processes at a go. i.e your site’s scripts and data while they execute.
So then, why is it important? It will take up more RAM for a website that runs numerous processes at ago, for instance, a high traffic website with multiple requests coming in. The next question would be how to gauge whether you require more or less RAM. Here are some identifiers;

  • Do you anticipate high traffic to your site? You’ll definitely require more RAM
  • Is your site a CMS like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla? They do require more RAM.

On Startup hosting packages, you have four packages to choose from with a standard memory ranging from 256MB to 448MB. These packages work well for new websites. In the event that you exceed the RAM on Startup hosting, our team will definitely advise on the best package to upgrade to.
Disk space
Disk space is the amount of data you can store on the web server. This selection, of course, depends on your website size and emails hosted.
The available secure disk space ranges from 15GB to 70GB. The limit is mainly because we don’t oversell disk space and more so, what you subscribe to is what you get.
Bandwidth is the measure of maximum data that can be transferred at a given time. It recounts the level of traffic and the amount of data that transfers between your website and the users over the Internet. Our Startup packages have a monthly bandwidth range of 150GB to 700GB.
Other additions under Startup hosting packages include; SSH access, latest cPanel, DDOS protection, Immunify360 security, spam & virus protection. Some packages also come with SMTP Relay for your emails and a free domain name to get you started.
As we strive to make our packages affordable and efficient, we also encourage you to get in touch so that we can help you identify your perfect fit.

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