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How to fix webmail receiving issues

Why you’re not receiving emails on webmail and how to fix the issue

If you’re using cPanel to manage your email accounts, you may have a problem where you’re not receiving any emails. This can be frustrating, mainly if you rely on email for business or personal communication.

If you’re not receiving emails on your webmail account, there could be a number of reasons Why. This article will explain why you might not be receiving emails and how you can fix the issue.

Full storage

Your storage quota is the amount of data that you can use to store files on your web server. If your quota has reached the limit, you won’t be able to receive any more emails until you delete some of your old files or upgrade to a larger space. There are two scenarios here:

a. Your hosting storage

To check your hosting storage, log in to the panel then, check on your right-hand side where there is “Statistics” and you will see the amount of space used over the disk quota allocated to the domain. When you are at the limit you will not be able to access emails.

b. Individual email address storage

Each email address has its storage limit set. So you need to check the size of the individual account. If the disk space for the email is full you can adjust it as shown below.

Login to the cPanel – Go to email accounts – click on manage for the email address and adjust the storage – click on update email settings.

Check the MX record

MX records are very important. In order to receive an email for your domain, the MX records need to be configured correctly. Check that the MX records are pointing to the correct host provider.

To update the records, login into your host provider, navigate to DNS management and update the records accordingly, or ask the hosting provider for help.

Check the spam or trash folder

If the MX records are configured correctly and still you do not see any emails in your inbox, it may be that the email is being filtered by a spam filter.

The first step is to check your spam or trash folders. This is because sometimes emails can be incorrectly marked as spam by your email provider. If you find that your email provider has been marking your emails as spam, you can try changing your settings or contacting their customer support.

Check email forwarders

Mail forwarders are a great way to keep your inbox organized and tidy. However, sometimes email forwarders can cause problems with your email delivery. If you’re not receiving emails on webmail, it’s likely that you have an email forwarding issue. Here’s how to fix the problem.

  1. Log into cPanel and click on “Email Accounts.”
  2. Click on the email account that is having problems
  3. Click on the “Forwarders” tab.
  4. Remove any email forwarders that are listed here.
  5. Save your changes and exit cPanel.
  6. Try accessing your webmail again to see if the problem has been fixed.

Check the bounce back report

Check the bounce back report. This report will show you why an email is bouncing back. Send a test email from your webmail to yourself or from another email address to your webmail email, this will depend on whether the bounce back happens when you are sending the email or receiving it.

If the test email bounces back, click on the email address in the bounce-back report to see why it is bouncing back. Click “View Message” and you’ll get a detailed summary of what’s causing the problem.

The report will help you to identify the problem and fix it.

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