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Your email represents your brand

Why you should replace your personal email with a business email account.

“I had not thought about it in totality. I mean, business email is just a simple email, right? “
One of our clients was astonished to learn that it’s not just a business email, but a brand representation. She never imagined that at one point she will need an In fact, she did not see the need of a website since the business was doing so well through referrals. This instance brings us to this disregarded but fairly important topic on how your email account affects your business.
Our sample emails will be; /
As much as both communicate one and the same thing, looks more official than the rest. Moreso, you can have a variety of Here are some reasons why your business email is key for your brand.
1. It shows your business’ worth.
In my experience, a generic email address implies that your business is new, small or you generally don’t mean business. This can definitely affect your product or service worth as clients might not take you seriously. An official email shows how serious and committed your are to doing  business.
2.Creates a good first impression.
Do you know the phrase ‘dress how you want to be addressed?’ The same rule applies here. Your email address is likely to be one of the first means of contact with clients before office visits. You can make a good impression by having an rather than the generic email accounts. Don’t raise doubts, go for your company email.
3. It’s affordable.
It’s not as expensive as you think. With our least hosting package going for 2,000+VAT per year, you can create unlimited email accounts. This means you can have as many emails as your disk space allows, it’s entirely  your choice!
4. It builds confidence and trust.
This is one of the basic means of advertising your brand. It feels good to see your business email on that business card. It makes you confident and trustworthy. Even when selling your business to a client, investor or partner, they need to trust the brand. This goes a long way in bringing out professionalism.
5. Uniqueness catches the eye.
Sometimes I open my email and I have so many emails. I would like to check them all but I don’t have the time. So, I scan through identifying important emails. To have your audience open your email amidst the chaos of annoying promo emails, you need to have a unique identifier. Of course, the subject drives many to want to open your email, but your email address plays an important role too.
If you are still uncertain whether a business email is as important as highlighted, please drop by for a cup of chat. I believe my team and I will do a pretty good job in convincing you.

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