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Hosted Emails: All You Need To Know

Emails have become very important in how businesses communicate. Their ease of use, storage, and relative confidentiality is unmatched. For this reason, a large number of businesses have adopted emails as the primary mode of communication. They are now using emails to communicate with employees, clients, customers, as well as other companies. All this aims at achieving business and corporate goals. The good thing with emails is that their use is both for personal and official communication; their effectiveness remains the same. For businesses, though, using hosted emails should not be overlooked.

Hosted emails importance in business communication; enables communication to be impactful, hence a worthy investment. At Sasahost, we make this even easier for all our clients. All our hosting solutions come with the best email hosting solutions from spamming to IP blacklisting. Give your business access to unlimited email accounts by subscribing to any of our hosting plans. The best thing, though, is that we offer the best prices in the industry and you will still have additional round-the-clock customer care support.

Here is why your business needs emails@yourdomainname.


In business communication, trust is important regardless of the impression you want to impart on the recipient. Use of a branded email will raise trust levels accrued from the message. Without that unique domain; all your marketing emails can be flagged by your audience as spam or ignored.

Customizable storage space

With a hosted email plan, you get scalable resources that can increase with time. In this sense, you never run out of inbox storage space. The inconvenience of having to miss out on important information and updates because you are out of storage is, therefore, eliminated.

Customizable inbox

With hosted emails, you get to customize your mailbox depending on your preferences. You get access to features like forwarding, task scheduling, as well as sharing calendars. Customization helps employees are more productive and their work easier.


Our hosting solutions come with the latest anti-spam features to ensure that you keep out all unwanted emails. You can also scan your inbox and monitor for any malicious activity. You can view genuine emails that have viruses and malware and have been quarantined on the mail scanner as well.

There’s so much you can do with custom emails@yourdomainname. We want to help you set up. Send your inquiries to or call us at 0713 478 555 and we will be glad to help you get started. It’s never too late to begin! Our commitment is to ensure you have the best online experience.

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