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A simple guide on getting your business email account today!

Business emails have become a necessity in recent times. Apart from giving your business credibility and a feel of trustworthiness to your potential users, it is an ideal way to brand your business and yourself as a professional. However, most business owners are clueless about the process of acquiring a business email.

Owning a business email can be made possible by following a few and easy steps to make your emails stand out.

  1. Register a domain name. Having a registered domain name is the first step to creating a business email. A domain name is an address on the internet where your website is found. While acquiring a business email doesn’t necessitate you to have a website, it’s highly recommended since a website is the most popular representation of your brand online. A domain name for your email address achieves the same purpose that a website does. It lets potential customers know your identity way before you engage further with them. Therefore, having a website doubles down and proves that your identity is credible.
  2. Get a hosting plan. Most people are familiar with getting a hosting package for their websites. An email address works the same way, by allowing you to buy space on a server where your email files will be stored. The email hosting plans to use depend on your online business and the amount of online or offline engagements with potential clients. When getting a hosting plan, it’s important to compare the packages available and pick the right option for your business.
  3. Create an email account. Once you’re set with a domain name and a hosting account, your web host can share instructions on creating email accounts from the control panel provided. Sasahost limited offers unlimited email accounts on all hosting packages.
  4. Secure your email addresses. Business emails need an additional layer of security to keep them safe and protected from malware attacks and any phishing attacks that they may be susceptible to. While your hosting package may already be providing such protection, adding additional filters to catch irregular activity in your business emails is also advisable.

Business emails are ideal to come across as professional and authentic to potential customers. In an era where scams are the norm, potential clients are more willing to engage with a business that has a brand name they recognize as they give off an air of credibility and build trust among customers. Can you get someone to set up emails for you? Yes, you can! If you need to just plug and play, we will be glad to dot it with you! email or call 0713(32) 478 555.

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