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We can help you get that perfect domain name!

Choosing a good domain name is a crucial decision in your quest to take your business online. If that perfect name you had thought about is unavailable, don’t panic. The tips below will help you come up with a better domain name.
Using your business name to register a domain name is arguably the easiest way out. However, it’s always exciting to be creative. We just can’t ignore the fact that your domain name gives you a unique identity, helps in branding, advertising, referring links and social media marketing. This is why it is very important for you to choose wisely. Here are some tips.
1. Start with Keywords
Brainstorm with your team to identify a number of catchy phrases that you can use. Simply, these are just simple words that describe your business. Write them down then mix and match them to see how they sound.
2. Can you pronounce it?
It’s important that you create fluency. If I type a name on my search engine, I am likely to read it out loud. That’s me though, others might just read it in their minds. If I can’t pronounce it, how on earth will I get the spelling right? Unless of course, I am clicking it from a link.
3. Using slang.
Slang can help come up with a creative name. However, use it wisely. Avoid words with conflicting spellings. Example, if I registered, a person who has not seen the spelling is likely to search
4. Keep it short.
I know what you are thinking, it’s a cliche! I still have it on my bucket list. Did you know that the shorter the domain, the easier it is to type and share with others? moreover, It will be less misspelt or shortened on search results and social media sharing platforms.
5. Avoid hyphens and numbers
Avoid numbers as they might confuse your clients. They might be uncertain whether to put the number (5) or spelt out (five) in
Hyphens might also be left out while typing. You should also be aware that tricksters might also use this to their advantage. If your domain name is, they could use to swindle your clients.
6. Choose a domain extension wisely.
You must think of your target audience and the service your business offers. checkout a few examples.
.ke/ for the brand Kenya domain names. specifically for schools, both primary and secondary schools. specifically for universities and tertiary institutions.
.org: for non-commercial/nonprofit organizations.
.biz: for business or commercial use, like e-commerce sites.
.me: for blogs, online resumes or personal websites.
7. Share the proposed name with a cheeky friend.
This helps all the time. You could mix phrases that sound so right to you but your cheeky friend might spot if the phrase has a laughable or offensive meaning. This is because language evolves and new meanings are coined every now and then.
9. Be protective
A lot of companies have protected their brand by purchasing other domain extensions that represent their brand and misspelt versions of their domain names. It’s a clever way of ensuring your competitors don’t gain access to your brand name to divert traffic away from your website and also, ensure your clients can reach to you even when they misspell your domain name.
10. It’s okay to change.
It’s never too late to rebrand. If your domain name is not working for your audience, there is no need to force it. Go back to the drawing board. Better late than never. In case you are stuck, we can always help you decide.
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