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How to avoid domain name disputes

How to avoid domain name disputes.

Business has gone online. A working website and mails@yourdomainname have become important assets in company identity. When it comes to brand representation of a company, your company name matters. As more and more companies move to put their information on the internet, there are more internet domain name clashes.
On what instance could a domain name dispute occur?
1. Wen you use a developer to register your domain but he is not willing to transfer ownership to you due to unresolved personal issues.
2. When you use a middleman to access domain and hosting services but he doesn’t want you to have full domain ownership.
3. When the domain name you have chosen is prime, there are possibilities that other parties would be interested in acquiring it. In case you are late on a payment and the domain becomes free for registration, you may loose it to another party causing conflict.
4. In the event that someone is using a different domain extension of a domain name identical to yours e.g. and
Those among other reasons could lead to a conflict in domain name ownership. The resolution involves a negotiation between the two warring parties.
What should I do to avoid domain name disputes?
1. Avoid using middlemen to access domain and hosting services.
2. Make sure that your domain is registered using your correct details ie: your email address, your phone number, id number and full names.
3. Avoid using nicknames in place of your full names.
4. Avoid using the company name as the main contact details. If you have to use company details, kindly add a sub contact from the company. e.g. CEO
5. Avoid using a third party during domain registration.
You should know that the registrant of the domain name automatically becomes the domain owner regardless of him or her being just an employee or private contractor. This in the past has brought conflict and in some instances, the real domain owner ends up loosing their domain name. In extreme instances, the disputes are settled in court.  To avoid future legal issues, consider the above information before registering your domain.

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