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Buying a domain in redemption period is too expensive!

Every registered domain name has an expiry date and should be renewed for continued use. The lifespan of any domain name is 1year, after which it expires. Even when your host gives you a free domain registration/renewal, they have to renew the domain at their expense.
Often, clients do forget to renew their domains, causing them to go into redemption. The redemption period is a period in which a domain has expired and is past the 15days grace period granted. ( This varies, could be 15 -18 days). During redemption, the domain can’t be renewed, deleted or re-registered.
It is possible to buy a domain in redemption from the registry but the fee is usually remarkably high. As your registrar, we are not able to waive the redemption fee or reduce the amount for you. We totally agree with you, that fee is too high. And of course, we would want you to continue with the service.
The good news is that you don’t have to pay the fee, you can wait until the domain is out of redemption period (This could take 30 -90days depending with the registry). However, you should know that it’s also likely that the domain can be registered by someone else once it’s out of redemption so you constantly have to check on it and make an order immediately it’s available.
Important to note:
If the registrant WHOIS information indicates that “Reactivation Period” is the registered owner, this means that your domain name has been expired for at least 15 days and needs to be renewed as soon as possible (should you wish to retain the domain name).
If you do not renew prior to the end of the renewal grace period, your domain may be sold in an auction, removed from the account, or go into a redemption grace period (during which time there is an additional fee involved to recover the domain). The registry can auction a domain name with or without notice as long as the domain name is expired. When your domain expires, you no longer have control over it as the registrant.
In conclusion.
Don’t go through the burden of possibly losing your domain and having to go back to the drawing board. Ensure you have provided correct details, (email and phone number) to enable us to reach you when your services expire. In the event that you have used a third party to register your service, kindly ensure you have access billing information.

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