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5 Domain name misconceptions you didn’t know about.

Today, we’re addressing common misconceptions clients have about domain names. It is essential to be well informed about all things domain name. Being gullible could lead you to a lot of trouble online, as hackers are becoming smarter day by day.
So, you’ve registered your domain, had your website designed and are all set, perfect right? Here are a few things to keep at the back of your mind – or on a sticky note if you’re quick to forget.
1. Domain names don’t expire, once you buy them.
We’ve had to deal with this lots of times. Usually, we send an invoice requesting you to renew your service 30days before the expiry of the domain. We then send a reminder and a final warning on the day your service expires to inform you that your website and email services will not be accessible. Often, clients do miss these emails, maybe you had travelled, or you hardly access your emails or for any other reasons. We go the extra mile to send you a reminder SMS. It is important to remember that domains do expire and have in mind at least the month that you registered the service so that you can be on the lookout for email notifications on the same.
2. Once a domain expires, it is suspended and can be unsuspended anytime.
When your hosting expires, we suspend it and give you a grace period to reactivate service, but this too has a time limit. We, however, can always try to recover your website files and emails. Domains, on the other hand, are not as easy as 123. Domains only have a grace period of 15days, at least most domains, and after which, they go into redemption period. During this period the domain name can’t be renewed or deleted. Once this phase is done, the domain is released and becomes available for new registration. You can read more on what happens to a domain after expiry here.
3. Domains are reserved for registered businesses or organizations
The good news is that even for your unregistered startup or unrefined business idea, you can register a domain name just to ensure it stays available by the time you are ready to launch. The truth is, your name is as unique as your idea, and the probability of someone else registering the domain name is pretty much high. For a good number of domain extensions, you can register any domain without having to register the business first. Don’t be shy to check your domain availability here.
4. .ke domains are only accessible/viewable in Kenya.
.ke domains can be accessed globally just like any other domain name. The domain extension represents brand Kenya but that does not mean that the access is limited by geographical location. The .ke domains can help you narrow down your clients, especially if you’re offering services to the Kenyan market. It also comes handy for companies that wish to secure tenders from the government bodies and institutions.
5. Domain names are too expensive.
Well, expensive is relative but I can for sure tell you it’s not as expensive as you think. For a general domain extension on our website, you’re likely to pay 1000+VAT. This subscription is for one year. If you were to save up to get to 1000+VAT before the expiry date, that means you have a whole 365days to save. assuming you’re saving only 5 Ksh a day, you only need 200 days to reach your 1000 target. So, how expensive is it really? This is just an excuse we give trying to ignore the reasons why we need an online presence.

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