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4 Reasons Why You Should Register Multiple Domain Names

A website is an online representation of your business. Your business name, which is the domain name, is your undisputed identity on the internet. As a business owner or blogger, there is a lot of pressure when it comes to picking the perfect domain name. Your domain name must be relevant to your brand, memorable, and SEO-friendly for it to appeal to search engines. Most importantly, you should pick a domain name that has not yet been registered by other website owners. Essentially, finding the right domain name can be quite an uphill task. So when you settle for one, it is beneficial to scoop up any related domain names and TLDs extensions to protect your brand identity and cement your online presence.

Here are more reasons why purchasing multiple domains are worth the extra cost;

  1. Improve search engine rankings. Your domain name has an impact on your online presence and the extent of your visibility on the web. For your site to rank favourably against others, your domain name has to match the searcher’s intent. You need to anticipate all the phrases that potential prospects would use to look up for the products or services you offer and optimize your domain name for those specific keywords. If you register multiple domain names, you will cover most keywords web users will use to search your business. Hence, you will appear on search engines regardless of the phrase that a web user has used, improving the visibility of your website.
  2. Maintain brand identity. The success of any online business mostly depends on brand identity and recognition. If your brand is doing well, unsavoury business people will look for loopholes and exploit them to benefit from the success of your online brand. Commonly used is when someone registers a similar domain name with a different extension, to pass off as your website. Since new users will not see the difference, you could lose potential customers to a website that looks similar to yours. By registering multiple domain extensions, you will limit the loss of new business to such sites.
  3. Redirect other domain names. When you register multiple domain names, you limit the chance of human error from potential customers. It’s easy and highly probable for web users to misspell your domain name on search engines, which could direct them to a different site. Ensure you anticipate this and rectify the odds of losing traffic to a would-be competitor by registering domains to redirect web visitors to your website.
  4. Expand into new markets. When expanding your online business to a different geographical area, acquiring a country-specific TLD extension is crucial. While using a generic domain name extension will serve the purpose, to compete favourably in the local market, you need a country-specific TLD. Search engines generally give priority to country-specific websites when a potential customer in that country searches for anything related to an industry. Therefore, registering domain names with both generic and country-specific TLDs will maximize the visibility of your online business.

Registering multiple domain names can be extremely beneficial to your brand and the success of your online business. If you are running an online store, having multiple domains will grow your online traffic, protect your brand identity, and market share from unscrupulous business people. However, you need to first research and weigh if multiple domain names would be the right fit for you, depending on the needs of your website.

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